Saturday, August 20, 2011

Just One Of The Great Pieces I Managed To Find At This Mornings Estate Sale. Status: All Pretty And Polished Up


Yeaaaahhhh!!! Today was a great day to be Mr. Modtomic! I may have only gotten 2 hours of sleep this morning but an estate sale score like today's reassures me that it CAN all be worth it!

I'm not going to show you all of what I got in one post, but let me just say great as Frank II

is at hauling the goods I have made two trips from the sale and Still have to go back and fill him

up again!


Here's just a little peek of what was at this sale. Illuminate (fast becoming my "go to" estate sale

pardner) and I showed up at crazy thirty in the morning and waited (and waited...and waited!) for

number three to show up. We were kinda surprised that there weren't more crazies showing up

early for this sale. The pics on the web showed a wealth of great Danish / Retro / Vintage Modern

stuff available.


It started raining during the final few minutes of our wait outside the sale and the selling company

would take no pity on us refusing to give out numbers. We were fine but we joked with them about

how horribly we were being treated as they walked in to set up. It was a minor drizzle. But as I fitted

the first load into Frank II, it started raining proper. And it continued until I got back on the road to

get the second load. By the time I got back home with that load (the Broyhill Magna chest you see

here) the clouds had broke and the sun was shining bright!


Speaking of bright and shiny...just after unloading the chest I followed my own advice that I gave to

Beccalina over at The Vintage South
concerning cleaning and polishing the Brazilia pieces she just

snatched up at an estate sale she staked out. Beccalina, I won't tell you how much I paid for this as

it'll just make you cry! And I know...I'm a Big Ol' Copycat!


Yes, a little Murphy Oil Soap and Howards Feed-N-Wax got this real pretty...but there's more to

come. This was indeed a birthday wish / dream come true estate sale day! Mr. Modtomic = happy!


  1. All I can say is WOW!!
    How completely and utterly fabulous!

  2. Oh, oh, oh Mr. Modtomic strikes AGAIN! You had a VERY happy Blogerversary!

  3. Great find! Your blog birthday brought you luck, huh?

  4. Gorgeous! That is a dream Brasilia piece...well along w/ a king size headboard & footboard!

  5. Haahaa That is awesome...I just helped my brother get that same piece home yesterday! and I was looking at it longingly...Man I wish I had a larger bedroom.

  6. Love it! I have the Broyhill Sculptra version of this dresser and I love it! Jealous of your Brasilia!

  7. Absolutely gorgeous. You just love to tease me with Brasilia! GREAT find.