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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Too Much Of A Good Thing? Yup. Time To Thin The Herd! Selling Some Russel Wright. Status: Available.


This lot and 7 dinner plates were taking up much needed space in the china cabinet. They aren't the best of the best but are a nice lot to either get started collecting Russel Wright or maybe you can use some of the pieces to help complete your existing set.

I haven't put these on the craigslist ad yet but will shortly unless I get a buyer before it comes to

that. I'd like to sell the lot as a lot and will be much more reasonable price wise that way than selling

individual pieces. $45 would take the whole lot. That's 6 chartreuse dinner plates with no chips or

cracks (just crackle in the finish - typical for chartreuse), 1 grey dinner plate with a small chip in the

edge (unseen from the back - be creative, have a hole drilled and make the back the face of a

clock!), 1 large grey serving platter with a medium size crack in the edge (hard to see - can be

displayed so as not to show), 1 small oval chartreuse platter (crackley finish and some darkening of

color), 1 coral creamer (excellent condition - just have too many of these), 2 coral sugar bowls with

out lids (excellent condition), 1 grey sugar bowl without lid (excellent condition), 1 mint color salt or

pepper shaker (bottom of Iroquois set - some discoloration, unseen with top of set on) and 1

chartreuse salad plate (edge chip and crack - see clock idea above!). 15 pieces for $45. That

averages out to $3 each! Cheap!










So let me know via my craigslist ad (top right corner of the page!) if you'd like to pick up this lot. If

you are interested in a single piece or a couple pieces contact me with an offer. Please keep in

mind that the individual nicer pieces will not go for $3 each! Ohhhh...it's so hard to let even my

bruised up babies go!

1 comment:

  1. OK, this is getting freaky...

    A week or so ago I came across some nesting tables...and they are almost identical to the ones in your pic!


    Unfortunately, the ones in your pic look in much better shape!