Sunday, August 21, 2011

Gosh...Feels Like I JUST Posted A Few Hours Ago! I Guess I Kinda Did. More E. S. B. (Estate Sale Booty)! Status: Ugh...Mornings.


Could I have possibly missed this sale? No! There were three of these kitschy danish chairs (that look straight out of a 1960's Fingerhut catalog) featured in the sellers set of pictures. I was just worried about pricing. Turns out I needn't be.


As found in the basement of the sale. Yep, I snatched up the little stool and the black fiberglass

chair. No, it's not a Herman Miller / Eames but it's a cool little vintage knock off. I sent it home with

Illuminate for helping me with the buying this morning.




Check it out, two screws and four nuts breaks the chair down into three parts. Sweet, easy to

transport / store. The seats are all in nearly perfect condition with only one little bump on the front

bottom corner of one of them. The vinyl is as colorful as the day they were made. These look like

they've never seen a sun porch. The legs were covered in cobwebs and a thick layer of dust. Who

knows how long they've been sitting in that basement unused. Doesn't that print on the vinyl remind

you of Marimekko?


I spent a few minutes cleaning the chair with Murphy Oil Soap and slathering the wood with

Howard's Feed-N-Wax. It already looked great but like I said, the legs were covered in dust and

spiderwebs. The seats yielded what I can only think was cigarette smoke as the white paper towels

were very orange / brown after wiping them down. Yuck. But they's like new now!


  1. I want those chairs for my sun porch! You had a great blogiversary! Congrats!

  2. Diana - Where ya at? Maybe we can get them to you.

  3. Aww, thanks Mr. Mod. I'm in Chicago, but I really don't have anymore room for furniture. But, if I did...I'd hit ya up! Because those chairs are awesome! Thanks anyway!