Monday, August 1, 2011

Another Sunbeam Automatic Toaster Discovered At The Thrift Store! Status: Slim And Trim!


I'm thinking that this was the last gasp for Sunbeams Amazing automatic self lowering / raising system. It's such an ingenious system that seems to hold up over time...why don't they still make it? I have 50 plus year old Sunbeams that still work like new! Until just a few days ago I had no idea that they had stretched out it's use this long.

I thought the automatic technology died with the standard style automatic toaster. This is so

late '70s! I love it. Only problem is that the Wide bread that we like has to be turned up on end

to fit in the slot. Stupid wide bread. No respect for vintage awesome cool toasters. No big deal

for real. I don't toast much bread. Bagels on the other hand, they better watch they're back. I'll

toast the hell out of some bagels. onion bagel with some cream cheese. That




I edited the video above for time. It would have taken for ever to upload a 3 minute full length

video and really...who wants to wait and watch toast toasting for 2 1/2 minutes? By the

you know how hard it is to find a 1 minute long song to put in a video? That's miss Patti Page

singing "You're The One That's Left In My Heart".



  1. Awesome! I'll bet I'm older than you and I've never seen one before! Thanks for the treat.