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Thursday, August 25, 2011

PJC Fine Melmac Dinnerware....Uhm....OK, You Do Know That You're Made Of Plastic Right? Status: Nice Decoration Though!


This set was procured at the roadside flea market in North Carolina. It was actually the first thing we found there! The Girlfriend was all consumed with some vintage costume jewelry when I spied out this set. It's still for her though. I know what's what.

She managed to find a few pieces of jewelry to bring home but was pretty happy to see this as well

and gave it her approval. Where as I am all wood and metal, she is the queen of all things plastic.


Pretty cool huh! We are putting together quite a large collection of Melmac and or plastic

dinnerware. This set has a few utensil marks but isn't too shabby. It presents well. It'd be great

for a picnic at the park...or beach. Oh how I miss the beach!


Luckily there aren't any stained pieces but there are some odd numbers of some of the pieces. At

least there are Four of everything (five actually but that's a weird number...when would I need



Gotta love that color right? Baby blue is one of my favorites. I'm trying to figure out what the

decoration is on the plates and saucers. Any ideas (besides the obvious little flowers)? Looks like a

some sort of graphic representation of a stone wall and maybe those seeds that float through the

air like gossamer.


1 comment:

  1. Those are way cool! I also love the sugar bowl and the creamer on that set. I haven't got a clue about the design, but I LIKE it!