Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sigh...The Ongoing Saga Of The Rocket Lamp Rescue. Status: Made In The Shade!


I think I may have solved my "My Rocket Lamp Wants For An Appropriate Shade" problem! I was poking around the Garage, looking for a project to occupy my afternoon and one thing led to another.
I was hoping to share another brilliant estate sale big game hunt with you from this morning, having

gotten only a few hours sleep and arrived more than 3 hours early, but alas...I myself "scored" just a

little basement swag. Being third sucks. First and Second scored all over us! Well deserved scores.

They showed up way earlier then us. So I went home and took a nap. When I got up I felt like I

needed to accomplish Something!


I had been kicking around making a pair of lamp shades like this for the pair of rocket lamps I have

in the bedroom
before I found their lampshades. I was going to make them larger to fit around the

outside of the spires though. I think this ended up looking much better than that would have. It

almost looks like it was meant to be!


I found a rattan roll up shade at the thrift store for a couple bucks and gave it the knife. I made a

couple of hoop supports fashioned out of metal hangers. I attached the hoops with some clear

sewing thread. It took a couple hours but it was a couple hours well spent. It's not perfect and I may

disassemble it to make some minor tweaks but I think it looks great! Not too shabby for my first

attempt. I just need to fashion a diffuser of some sort for the bulb.


  1. Great job to the "MacGyver" of MCM rescue!!

  2. Awesome job on the lamp shade! That's a really coll idea for a missing lamp shade.

  3. Ugh I agree being third in line sucks...I was third as well this weekend....bummer. Love the made shade!

  4. I think the shade looks fab! Great job =)

  5. You could line the shade with some non-flammable thin material - that would take care of diffusing the light. Great job on that. Am I going to see this up for sale?

  6. I just saw this lamp on Up All Night on NBC tonight. I was so excited!