Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Vacation Booty! Vacation Booty! I Swear...This Vacation Was Like Living An Episode Of American Pickers. Status: Can't Help Myself.


Is that it? Is that all we brought home? Oh no my friend...oh no! This is just a little part of it. This bunch all came from one shop in Cave City just down the street from the Wigwam Village.

It's not a huge haul but we had to find something to do as a pretty good rainstorm hit town that

first day. It was short lived and cooled the air something comfortable! It did on the other hand

provide a bit of adventure while we were shopping. Seems the building air conditioner started

smoking on the roof during the downpour which alerted the local fire department who showed

up in full on fire fighting gear! Axes and helmet! They must have thought I was nuts. I barely

looked up to say hi...I was busy poking and prodding through all the stuff. They probably

thought..."uhm, dude...the building might be on fire, aren't you a little concerned?". I figured if

the situation got to that point they'd show me the door pretty quickly. Turns out it was just some

steam, or at least that's what everybody decided the best explanation was. No fire was found.


This Canonsburg Temporama small chop plate was hidden behind lot's of general "antique

mall stuff". I almost passed it by. These finds are always the best. Nothing else in the booth

suggested I'd find this plate. Nothing else had that vintage modern vibe at all and the price

reflected that. Yup, I got it cheap! I don't plan on starting a collection of this pattern (but we

know how that goes!) so I'll be making this plate available on c-list shortly.


These two salt / pepper shakers (they each have BOTH salt AND pepper shakers built in), as

well as all the following pieces, were in a booth that was 50% off! These, of course, are the

Girlfriends. We need to come up with more display space for her collection. It's growing at an

alarming rate!


How about this liqueur bottle! It's made in Italy. Totally Googie. What kind of liqueur do you

suppose I should keep in it? Peppermint Schnapps? about Goldschlager? That's

not only good for shots, but would look pretty in there too! Maybe I should just make a lava

lamp out of it! That'd be pretty cool, huh.


I bought this because I still hadn't found the Russel Wright pitcher! I thought,'ll keep a

spot warm in the china cabinet until I find the real thing. Silly me. But how could I have known

that I was going to find it's replacement well before it ever would have a chance to occupy the

china cabinet at all! It's still a great pitcher. And I find that it's color and shape fit nicely with the

Russel Wright stuff. I think the "pattern" is California Casual but since there isn't a pattern

name on the piece and there isn't any decoration to identify, I'm just not sure. Anybody know?


  1. Yep, I agree. Vernon Kiln "Casual California" in the San Marino shape. Looks like Mocha Brown.

  2. I love a good pickin' trip! looking forward to drooling. I've got a couple of pieces of Temporama (a platter like yours and a berry bowl); I really like the pattern.

  3. I just saw a set of this in a local store after reading your post. They called it "Heyday" I sent you an email with pictures via your C-List Ad. Who knows if the ladies who run the store got the name right, but it's a pretty cool pattern nonetheless.

  4. Wow some great finds! You just can't pass up cool stuff like this. I've had some great luck getting mid-century pieces at antique malls. It's easy to scan the booths for items, and many are 30% to 50% off. They will usually always reduce the price if you ask too.

  5. Jolene - I just can't bring myself to ask for a discount at the antique malls. I just feel so cheap doing so! I don't know why...I don't have a problem at the flea market (anymore).