Tuesday, August 16, 2011

...And Wouldn't This Armchair Go Especially Good With Mother Modtomic's Sofa?! Status: Available As Well.


Just got this beautifully reupholstered arm chair over the weekend. Got up super early for an estate sale Saturday and this somehow made it's way into the back of the wagon. Then I talked to the Mom and found that she's letting go of that beautiful sofa. Is it not a match made in heaven?

The color is a very light blue. It's super neutral and will fit with most any interior. There are some

minor dings to the wood but nothing that is not consistent with it's age. The chair is solid,

comfortable and sports an amazing vintage modern style! Wouldn't this look great in your living

room or reading nook?


I'm making the chair available on my craigslist ad but would love to "bundle" it with the Mom's sofa

(for a discount) featured yesterday! 


Again, I can deliver either or both pieces within a reasonable distance for free, a little further for

a nominal charge.


There was a great sofa at the estate sale as well but it was well out of my comfort zone, price wise.

I'll be doing a full feature on the sale soon. I was asked to not post pictures of the price tags so I'll

refrain from stating them either. It never occurred to me that estate sale companies might not want

their price tags shown in pictures. I'm still not really sure why. I will say this; while I was first in line,

most everybody behind me (maybe 30 - 35 people) had as much a chance to buy almost everything

(less this chair!) as I did. Pricing is one way to "even the field" at an estate sale. I'll have to keep this

in mind when considering this company's sales. I won't necessarily have to get up so early and can

consider leaving bids instead!


  1. Man, that is one groovy chair. But that gold alligator wallpaper ROCKS!!!

  2. Nice chair, but yes, the alligator wallpaper is the coolest!!

  3. Oh yeah, that wallpaper / foyer area pretty much sold this house to us!