Monday, August 22, 2011

More Brasilia For Your Eyeballs. This Is The Rest Of The Bedroom Set From The Weekend Haul. Status: ::sigh:: Brasilia!


Got up this morning and retrieved the last of the estate sale haul. Three trips! That, my good friends, is a record for Mr. Modtomic. And I still have one more cool item to show ya after this!

Except for the mirror here, the Magna dresser shown a few days ago is the piece in the best shape

but all are in great shape. There is some funky spots on all the furniture pieces. The Magna has a

spot on top where there was a plant and a ring remains along with a small drip area on the front

right corner. It's barely noticeable after I cleaned it up and let some Feed-N-Wax soak in.


Check out the figuring on the bottom of the single arch mirror. It almost looks like burlwood. The

mirror itself is in excellent condition. It, like everything else was covered in a layer of dust and

maybe cigarette smoke.


The double dresser cleaned up nice. I spent a good part of the afternoon out on the driveway

cleaning and waxing all these pieces. That's why they look a little shiny. The Feed-N-Wax is still

soaking in. I was in just too big a hurry to get some pics though. I couldn't wait.


There aren't any major dings or scratches on this dresser, it's a survivor. It was kept in great shape

by it's former owner. These are HUGE bedroom pieces for how tiny the house was. I think it was less

than 900 sf.! Well, half the basement was finished so there was plenty of living space. It's still

surprising that the former owners would select such large pieces for such a small bedroom.


Loving the sculptural handles of the top drawer. You'd think there'd be more wear on and around

them but they are in excellent shape. The front edge of the top is another story though. Here's that

funky finish issue I spoke of earlier. I lightly cleaned it with Murphy Oil Soap and soaked it with the

Howard's Feed-N-Wax but it didn't do much. I'm not really sure what to try next. It's soft and tacky.

Anybody got an idea?


Here's the full size (headboard can easily be converted to queen) bed. It's nice to find a complete

bedroom set like this. All the finish matches nicely and the wear is consistent. I've seen lots of

differences in finish and I've even had refinished pieces that were shiny. I think a decent original

finish is better than an obvious refinish. If you can refinish the stuff and it turns out looking pretty

much like the original...well, please show me how (that's You Dan!).


  1. Fantastic score! I agree that an original finish is almost always better than a DIY refinish job, and there aren't even many professionals who know how to refinish mid-century furniture so it looks like it should.

  2. Nice! These pieces have the most apparent similarities to Oscar Niemeyer's buildings. I don't know much about this furniture Niemeyer credited for design or did he have any part of the design?

  3. Drooooooool! Great score Mr. M!

  4. Phillip - I think you hit the nail on the head, sir. I'm pretty sure O. N. ,ontributed the swoopy details of the Brasilia line, which is named after the capitol city of Brasil which features many of Mr. N's buildings prominantly.

  5. I think the gunk on the top of the dresser is just grime. I had similar stuff on my old mid-century desk, and I used dish soap and a soft damp rag. It worked, but I don't know if that is officially a good idea...

  6. I could stare at Brasilia all day. Good for you!

  7. My eyeballs are loving it! Again!!!