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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Another Antique Mall Tour. Big Bend Antique Gallery. Status: Stones Throw From Treasure Aisle!


 Update! 01/07/11 High Resolution Video replaced Lo Res Video!  Check it out!

Another diamond in the rough! This is pretty typical of the Antique Malls here in the "fly over's". Unlike BAM in Chicago, you gotta dig a little to find those gems.

The good news is that you're likely to find those gems at a surprisingly reasonable

price. The "Roly Poly" / Dorothy Thorpe style punch bowl and glassware set

pictured above was priced at just $85! That is a hard to resist deal in my book.

Anyway, enjoy the show and get off your duff and give the Big Bend Antique

a visit. The exercise will do you some good!


  1. That was fun - thanks for the photo tour! Wish I could check the place out. So many things I want but especially the atomic carafe at 0:14 and the atomic lamp at 1:08.

  2. Great video. Why, oh, why don't we have places like that around here?

  3. Rhan - No problem! Shoot them a note, they might ship those items to you!

    Dana - Really? Surely you got antique malls around there!