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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Mosaic Magnificence Made Many Moons Ago. Status: Available!


Alliteration aside, this table got donated to the Goodwill down the street, followed me home and needs a new home.

Keeping it out in the cold garage just seems wrong. It needs a warm loving home!


I wonder if this was made in someones basement or garage in the 60's. It doesn't

look as if it was purchased at a furniture showroom to me. I think a lot of these

type tables were home projects. There were a lot of "back of the magazine"

projects available back then.


Couldn't you just see a father and son at the shop table cutting, gluing, arguing

about sanding and finishing? Ah, family togetherness. Not enough of that

anymore. Especially with dangerous power tools at hand.


  1. Hmmmmmm...I don't know if it was a DIY project or not, because I have a lamp/table combination with almost the same tile on it. They could be cousins.

  2. This table is awesome. LOVE the cut out sides and open center space. The mosaic is pretty too. I would have to keep it! Great find.

  3. Dana - Perhaps the tile was just a widely available set. Seems like I've seen lots of vintage books on building your own furniture like this and lots of workshops in estate sales!

    Rhan - Thanks, it is a pretty addition to the house, but I can't keep everything!