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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Drag Out The Vinyl. Dig Up Your 45s. Everybody Knows That LPs Sound The Best, Right? Status: My Bad, It Needs A Needle...But It's Available!

Sorry for the tease. I don't have a needle so we can't have a record playin' party. Unless of course you don't mind playing 'em on my modern Numark DJ turntable!


I've had this available on one or the other of my ads for a while now. I've had a few

interested people who wanted me to pack it up and ship it, but I don't do that. Too

much trouble. I've even sent an interested party a video taken on my phone to

assure them the unit works, to no avail. Eh, no biggie. I'm probably gonna order

me a needle myself and keep it! Won't it be fun to play records out on the Patio

this spring?


I had looked around for a needle online a while back and had come across them,

but I hadn't saved the websites. It took all of 30 seconds to find the needle online

again. It's available at GEMM Needlefinder for just $18 shipped. Not too shabby

considering it's a vintage unit almost as old as Mr. Modtomic!


I picked up this GE Wildcat at what used to be the South County Value Village on

Lemay Ferry Rd. This store moved out to the Kenrick Plaza and is still a great

place to find undervalued vintage goodness. The Wildcat was filthy. I took it

completely apart and cleaned it up with a toothbrush. Except for a few boo boos

here and there, it looks like a new unit! I just wish I could play a record on it!

It even plays 78s!



  1. I could see sitting by the pool, a nice cold beverage in a tall atomic glass and Frankie Avalon playing on the record player. *sigh* A girl can dream can't she? I left out being fanned by the cabana boy :)

  2. K4M - Ugh, I need a pool! I'm gonna get me a horse trough to soak in this summer!

  3. Brings back memories...I spent a big chunk of my growing-up years in the 50s glued to a record player similar to this one listening to 45s. By the time I started collecting LPs in the 60s, I had a little more sophisticated system.

  4. No doubt Dana! I am of a generation who when very young still actually bought 45s while also buying cassettes. I also bought a few LPs back then without a hint of irony.