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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Remain Calm and Try Not To "Pan"ic...There's More Vintage Kitchenware. Status: Clean Lines and Super Stylish.


That's right, look close and you'll see a $10 price tag on the big skillet. Estate sale snag. The smaller one came from a thrift store.

The smaller one didn't have a handle when I found it. I didn't even know that the

handle on the skillet came off. Then I noticed these "Panless Handles" (Like

Phoneless Cord?) at some of the thrift stores and eventually the connection was




So I snatched up a couple of handles to at the thrift store but only realized when I

took these pictures that the set I found doesn't match the handle that came with

my Skillet! Bummer. Now that I see the difference I want the cleaner more Mod




I'd love to find some more of these. I looked around on Ebay a long time ago and

couldn't find much. I guess it's not so sought after. ::shrugg:: What's not to love? I

did find that the Vision cookware is somewhat in demand. I have a quite a few

pieces of Vision that my Mom handed down to me back in the early Nineties. I see

it all the time at the thrift stores too, real cheap!



Doesn't this remind you of a more mod set of Le Creuset cookware? It does me. I

love that it doesn't have the Teflon coating too. That stuff gets bad after a long

time or if it gets overheated. Give me a nicely seasoned Iron Skillet for real.


I wish I actually cooked more than every once in a while so I'd be able to give you

more of an opinion on how well these work. They are in such nice condition, I don't

know that I'd use them if I DID cook more often! If I was tripping over them at the

thrift stores I probably would be more apt to use them. Maybe I'll find a few "extras"

or spares that I'll be able to use someday.


  1. They look cool with or without the handles! I used to have some Vision cookware - I think I gave it to the Salvation Army Thrift Store but maybe it is in storage. I will have to do some digging. I never used it much.

  2. My mom has some of those handles in their little boxes that they came in. They came with her Corning Ware in the 70's. I am sure you knew that but I never knew what those things were in the thrift until she showed me.

  3. sure cool pans...loved them...i never saw removable handle stuff before...cool

  4. Really cool pans. I love the shape of the knobs.

  5. HT - I know! Very versatile. I loved to boil eggs in my big Vision pot. It was just fun to watch.

    AlliT - I do know that now! But I might not have a year ago.

    Sudha - When I bought the larger frying pan I didn't even know that the handle came off!

    Dana - The lid knobs just make the pans! So Mid-Century Mod.