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Saturday, January 8, 2011

More Mod. A Great Place To Master Your Mixology. Status: Soon To Be Available.


It's just waiting for me to give it a little TLC. It needs the base / foot painted and a top that goes under the glass. Easy as pie!

I spotted this on Craigslist after the Girlfriend had been talking about wanting a

smaller bar. This seemed perfect! I contacted the seller and struck a deal to pick it

up after work (I work second shift and get off at 10pm). The seller was located at

Scott Air Force Base about 30 miles east of St. Louis and it turns out you need to

show All Kinds Of Paperwork for a civilian get on base.


I wasn't sure where the car insurance card was so I didn't make the cut. The seller

had to bring it out to me outside the base. It barely fit in her car and it took forever

to get it to me. I think I got home about 2am.


Then it turns out Mr. Modtomic "misunderstood" what the Girlfriend was talking

about cuz this wasn't it. Now she wants to keep the big display cabinet bar that we

were using all along! The ladies...they are so finicky!


  1. That is very cool; love those stools!

  2. My parents had this exact bar with the matching black Plexiglas back stools with white vinyl this brings back memories!

  3. mooboy - Those barstools need a new home! I hate that they are sittin out in the cold garage.

    Jolene - I can totally picture those barstools!