Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Real Score Last Weekend Was A Big Ol' Pile Of Fred Press Fishes Glassware. Status: Sweet.


Can you believe all this Fred Press glassware was still available at the Saturday estate sale deep into the afternoon? Can you believe I almost didn't even notice it sitting right next to the door I entered through? I wasn't even half asleep or focusing what few brain cells would be awake at an early morning sale stake out on some other item. I guess I'm just lucky sometimes!


OK, so these are pretty much the same as the black and gold cordials that I featured a few days

ago except that the black paint is on the inside of the glass and shows through the glass itself.  The

other set isn't signed but since this was all together and I've seen a Fred Press signed pitcher in the

same shape as the one I have...well I have to wonder if the other set might be attributable to Fred

Press as well.


Ain't it cool to have both clear and milk glass colored glassware in the same fish pattern?  I used to

have a beautiful set of Libby fish glassware but a buyer (who came to buy something else entirely)

spotted them and even after I told her they were not available, made me an offer I could not refuse.

  They (and probably these) are just so hard to find cheap.  When you do, you really want to hold

onto them!


I also used to have a nice Fred Press wood and tile cheese plate that I sold last year.  The Fred

Press stuff doesn't show up that often in the thrift stores.  When I have seen it, it's decoration is

usually worn off from the dishwasher and not worth buying for collecting or resale.  That's why I

consider this to be such a score.  That's why I grabbed every piece of it that was at the sale!  It

makes a nice little pile, don't it?!



  1. Coolest glasses ever!

  2. Those are cool. I love the Fred Press fishes, it is such a simple design but has a great wow factor.

  3. Terrijames27@gmail.comFebruary 24, 2016 at 8:32 PM

    I have two sets (4 each)black w/dragon & white w/Gold Leaf 22k gold of Fred Press glasses I'm looking to sell. I have pics also