Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Kinda Lacey And Pretty...For An Atomic Bomb Blast Lamp. Status: Light And Bright


I picked this lamp up at the St. Charles Antique mall this summer in hopes that the shade might work with the rescued rocket lamp that I got in Kentucky. I have a hard time imagining the "end product" of a lot of things like painting a dresser or putting this shade on that lamp. I've always seen myself as creative, but I guess in a more hands on mechanical sort of way. Give me a bunch of stuff right in front of me and I can maybe combine it into something neat but separate those items into different stores and I have a hard time seeing them all together.


So it was with this shade and the rocket lamp. I thought they might work together but I really couldn't

see them combined until I actually physically put them together. didn't work. It kinda

worked since it did actually fit and it looked kinda neat but in the end I just couldn't leave it. Good

thing too as that forced me to build the shade that I finally went with.


That left me with this otherwise un-needed lamp. So I guess it'll end up on the ads when I get a

chance to put it on there. It works and it's pretty. I guess it kinda matches my chocolate lamp...oh

wait...I might not have ever introduced you to the chocolate lamp. Dunno. I'll put it in the livingroom

and give it a shot before letting it go


  1. cool shade and i thnk it looks perfect..and forgot to mention..i have always liked the effect ur wall creates in ur pics :)

  2. I actually like that lamp a lot. The shape is cool, and the shade is unusual.