Friday, September 30, 2011

Back To The Good Stuff! Mod Patio Seating At The Bungalow. Status: Unidentified.


I snatched this set up off Craigslist a few years ago and still don't really know who manufactured it, or if it's by any particular designer. Not that it's just so cool either way!

I've seen these chairs identified as Salterini here and there (...firstdibscoughhack...) but I'm not

convinced. I've also seen it labeled as Home Crest but I have lots of Home Crest and it's a totally

different construction technique. The Home Crest I have is constructed mainly of welded together

wire...much like Bertoia chairs but obviously not least to me.


So help a brotha out and shoot me a note if you have any hard evidence on the maker of these

pieces! Some day I'll clean these up and hit them with a new coat of paint. Maybe have them

stripped and dipped in that plastic coat. I got snaked on a set of five of the standard chairs by

a local eBay seller who made a nice chunk of change off them. Finding a big "love seat" was quite

the score though.


This one is a bouncer. Kinda like a rocker but springy! I like have three different kinds but wish I

had two of each of the single seat chairs. I'm sure I'll find more someday.


I was over at the Bungalow again this morning finishing up the driveway and working on the fence

but took a few minutes out of my drudgery to shoot these couple pics for you guys...special...just

for YOU! was a beautiful morning. What am I complaining about?


  1. They're Salterini, by a designer named Mauritzio (sp.?) Tempestini. Here's a link to them on the site.

    Man, you are good. They're awesome!

  2. The bases look alot like the Homecrest that I have, and nothing like the Salterini bases. Here's a link to all the old Homecrest catalogs... might be in there somewhere.

  3. Wow, that's a tough one. The seats look like the Salterini on 1st Dibs, but like Kris Hampton said, the bases aren't anything alike. It drives me nuts not to be able to identify something. There are a couple of pieces right now that I can't find, no matter how hard I look!

  4. I've found some stuff that might be perfect for giving that patio furniture little extra "pop". Check out today's post.

  5. So cool, I've never seen a set like that. Loving your awesome blog! Be sure to stop over at "Everyone Goes to Mick's" and say Hi to all of us at the Casablanca!

  6. I have a set, too. It's not's Homecrest! See page 6: It's called the "Casino" chair. I have a friend in Nashville who sells new patio furniture and he said Homecrest is buying back some of their vintage pieces to restore and sell as 'new' in stores. He also said that new cushions could be ordered for the vintage styles through Homecrest dealers. Cheers ~ Audra in Springfield

  7. Well this sucks...I can't get the pdfs at the Homecrest page to open. No fair! I thought the Salterini attribution was dubious but I guess it could be both Homecrest AND designed by Temestini. But I think that some "savy" seller just saw a similarity and decided it might sell for more with a recognizable name tacked on.

  8. all of the furniture you have in 100 percent "HOMECREST"...they are the casino chairs and bench. If you get on the homecrest website of the catalog archive you will see them..I have the same collection.