Friday, September 9, 2011

Did A Little Thrift Hunting This Morning Before Work. Didn't Buy Much But Shot Some Pics. Status: No Haul To Speak Of.


Yeah, I had to get my thrift on this morning before work. It was such a nice day I decided to get ready a little early and get out the door. There are a couple thrifts (Value Village and Goodwill) just about a mile from home and both in the same strip mall. Convenience!

I thought that wood beaver was a Witco piece but it had some other writing on the bottom...not

Witco. It certainly has the look though. I was intrigued. It didn't come home with me. Really...not

much did.


I spotted this last weekend while we were here at the Goodwill and was surprised to see it still

available. I have a bunch of these in various "patterns" already and Don't need another or for $2

I would have grabbed it up.


Hmmmm, not sure why I didn't snatch this up. $3.93 and it's a real acrylic painting (not a print). Love

those vibrant colors. Maybe I'll head back over to Value Village tomorrow or Saturday and see if it's

still there. I don't need more art around here but it is pretty cool...and it is pretty cheap!


Wouldn't that painting go great above this mid century modest swivel rocker? The upholstery looked

pretty nice upon cursory examination. Again, what a great price. I hope it goes to a good home



Hey, look! Material for more "lamp shades"! Just kidding. I still have lots left over from the other

window shade. But I am kinda digging the mod looking tea kettle.


This set had me fooled. I was thinking it was Depression Glass and it basically is...except that it's

relatively new. Turns out you can score this stuff pretty cheap on eBay all day long. It's still a

bargain at this price but you ain't gonna make much off of it sticking it in your antique mall booth.

Still pretty though...and made in France, Ooh La La!


Those cups to NOT go with those saucers! The saucers are pretty cool though. I think it says

Shango or something like that on the bottom. I dig the color of the blue edging and how it kinda

swirls around the edge.


Not entirely my taste but kinda vintage cool and very nice. Hot or Not?


  1. I'm in love with the painting. Wish I could swing by and snag it.

  2. I have an "accidental" collection of those crazy carafes. I think they are really cool and fun to look at in groups. May even use one once if I quit being lazy and suddenly become more sophisticated...

    Love that chair. Send it to me!