Monday, September 19, 2011

The Other Big "E" Levi's Jackets. This Time The Type Three Trucker Jackets. Status: Found That Vintage Denim ID Website!


I posted last week about my Type 2 Levi's jacket and made mention that I also have a couple of vintage Type 3s. The Type 3s are the Levi's jackets most people are familiar with. It's the style most of us wore in high school.


The difference between this jacket and the one most of us wore in high school is that this style was

only made one year, actually less. This is the 1969 model and for the last part of '69 Levi's stopped

producing the big "E" red tab and started using the small "e" red tab.



All the clues are here. You've got a big "E" red tab.  The tag inside the jacket is of the smaller

variety (smaller that the size that you would normally find on a pair of 501, 505, etc. Levi's jeans).

  The chest pockets are reinforced with black stitching as apposed to gold.  The copper button have

the flattened center. Check out this cross reference chart to see what I'm talking about. I think that

being able to decode the little differences and identify the manufacture date of these jackets is part

of what draws me to collecting them. Well, that and just like the vintage modern furniture...knowing

that I can sell them for MUCH more than I bought them for!



This one is a '67, also made only one year.  It's sporting all the appropriate hallmarks but

unfortunately it's missing it's label (as so many are).The big "E" red tab.  The label stitching shows

that this jacket too had the small label.  The pocket flap (inside) is stitched with yellow thread and is

lined with jacket weight denim.  But this jacket has the tell tale '67 "domed center" buttons with the

smaller print.'s all in the details!



This website can also help ID other denim jackets as well as Levi's 501 jeans. And since I've

gleaned so much information from their site I figured I'd give Vintage Motorcycle Jackets dot Com

a shout out.


  1. A few days after your first "big E" post, I was thrifting in my home town and found a "big E" jacket. Turns out it's a 69 like in the top photos. Doesn't look like it was worn or washed much with 90-95% of its indigo dye left.
    Dude, you ROCK with the tip!

  2. bopfish - Have you started paging through the mens jeans yet? I've had to limit myself as I'll give myself a headache going through all the jeans at all the thrift stores we hit. I still look for good usable Levi's to wear but have all but given up finding a pair of big E 501s or 505s.

  3. I've tried all the stores around Columbus and have found nada jacket or pants wise. I think I will have to search more "rural" areas for big E items (like my home town)

  4. Pointed pockets are Type III 1962-1971.