Sunday, September 18, 2011

Estate Sale Basement Junk And Hardware Store Stuff. Status: Random Enough For Ya?


I wasn't planning on hitting any estate sales this least until Nick asked me if I was hitting the one near my home. Dammit. Way to twist my arm. We went late just to scrounge through the leftovers and see if there were any goodies left in the basement.

This little project was sitting on a shelf, long neglected and or forgotten. I snatched it up for just a

few bucks thinking it just needed a little love. Then I decided that the inside of the shade needed a

new coat of white rattle can. Then I realised the cord / socket kit that was sitting with it wouldn't be

long enough.


I sourced another cord and I'll splice the two together where the counter weight goes. The socket

doesn't have the twist on / off switch like the original, instead it has the push from either side type.

It won't be easy to get to after I finish putting this all back together. It'll need to be plugged into a

switched outlet.


Looks pretty cool for just a couple of bucks and a little work. There was a matching one out in the

garage at the estate sale but it's hood was dented so it didn't make the cut. Speaking of making the

cut, I actually bought quite a few pieces that I patently couldn't believe weren't already sold. You'll

just have to wait to see those though!


In other news...I had to make a run to the True Value Hardware Store. I've seen lots of questions on

other blogs concerning where to find Tapper Legs for danish retro style furniture projects. Well here

ya go! True Value has 'em along with the appropriate mounting hardware for both straight and

angled mounting. Just sand them down and stain or paint them. Easy as pie...piece of cake.


Oh and they also have all kinds of glides for your chairs and table legs. Cheap too. True Value

seems like it caters to the shopper taking care of an older home rather than just the new

construction or remodel shopper. Good news for us.


  1. I couldn't believe it either! That place was great. I decided to go to another estate sale downtown first and got to the one in Florissant an hour after it opened. All of the best stuff still had tags and it was all at very reasonable prices! Then I came back to start packing my scores at 1 and it was all STILL there.

    Did you happen to see that Danish wall unit (now disassembled in the corner of the bedroom)? Snagged!

  2. Also, you could pick up a feed-through switch for the light on your next trip to ACE. It may not be the perfect solution, but I don't think it'd look too bad.

  3. Johnny - Thanks, I try to get stuff out there if I can.

    Nick - You got the wall unit? Sweet! It was pretty cool looking even in it's disassembled state. That basement was HUGE wasn't it...and stinky. I'm guessing you didn't take a camera to document the sale. And what's up with this big "Brasilia Score" you hinted at on your blog?!

  4. Still don't have a camera except when I can borrow one from my dad, so unfortunately I didn't get any pics.

    There is no way that they are going to get through all of that stuff this weekend. I just now picked up the wall unit and the place looked like the sale hadn't even started. Mid-century goodies were everywhere. Good thing I have a spending limit, or I would have been back for another van load.

    The Brasilia "score" hasn't materialized yet. I'll need to get in contact with a few people before anything can move forward (if it does at all), but its got big potential. If it does go through, I'll keep you in the know. This place has far more of it than even I can handle.

  5. Thanks for the True Value tip. I've been looking for mid-century legs at a decent price and found them yesterday at my neighborhood store!

  6. Awesome lamp! Good find and good handy work. Are you keeping it?

    Hey, same here. I was not planning on estate sailing this weekend but "somehow" ended up dedicating half of Saturday and Sunday morning doing just that. It's a sickness I tell ya!