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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Just Some Random STUFF. Nothing Enough For A Full Posting On It's Own. Status: All Over The Place.


Remember these chairs? I never did show how completely they break down. The seat and the back are attached via just two screws then three on each arm / leg assembly hold the rest together. So...there ya go. There it is...all taken apart. See. I know...crazy huh.

DSCN4168Cleaned Uncleaned

Here's a little bitty update sorta on the Wroughtan side table. I've taken the lower tier apart and

started cleaning up the bamboo using a Murphy Oil Soap with water and super fine steel wool. It's

coming along. You can see the graining in the white top in the upper picture. I can't decide if I like it

or if I wanna "fix" it. It looks kinda cool.


What the hell is this? When I took the pictures here there was only the single one of these sitting

on the shelf. I noticed another on a shelf in another row so I THINK they might be bookends.



This was at the thrift store too and if it was in better condition I would have bought it. Not that I do

a lot of stapling or anything, it's just that this stapler is sooo sleek looking. It's got that early '60s

rocket ship look. Love it.


I picked this up as is (well...it wasn't all disassembled at the shop) for just a couple bucks. It's

beyond repair. Parts. I think I'm going to use one of the cone diffusers on the rocket lamp. I'm sure

I'll find a use for the rest of the parts here and there. And that about wraps up today's post. Oh one

more thing, the Broyhill Brasilia bedroom set found a new home this morning. Off to KC it went.

Finally...a little room in the garage......to fill back up!


  1. how i wish i could own a broyhill set....atlanta doesnt seem to have any :)...and really not sure if i like those bookends..hmm but they sure are interesting

  2. i need to get in touch with you for some help with my dining set by drexel...which id should i email u my pics and questions