Friday, September 23, 2011

I Know...Summer Is....OVER. The Temps Have Plumetted And The Days Grow Short. So Lets Have Some Lemonade! Status: Wanting For An Endless Summer.


Sigh, I never got around to having that epic backyard bar-b-que that I had planned all summer long. Oh, I got out there and grilled burgers, brats and steaks once in a while but I never planned far enough ahead to actually have a party. And now...summer is gone. And true to St. Louis weather, the temp has snapped from triple digits to "should we turn the heat on?" We seem to only get about two weeks of Spring and two of Fall and it's not necessarily all together.


I found eight of these cool place mats at Big Lots about the beginning of Summer and had big plans

for them. I never even got them out of their packages! Oh I think I pulled one out for some pics of

some plates or something a while back. That's why I have one out to shoot here. Ain't they just

perfect for a backyard bar-b-que?


They've got a groovy bar-b-que print on one side and a great retro gingham print (traditional

picnic?) on the other. They're vinyl so I don't have to worry about them staining and cheap so if they

do...I'm not out much. Big Lots always has some cool stuff. There used to be one closer to my

house and I used to go all the time. They closed that one down so I don't get there as much

anymore. Cool thing is...they're everywhere! I've been to Big Lots in New Orleans and Kentucky!


Lemonade! Paul Masson! Bar-B-Que! I looked around on Google Images to see if I could find

another carafe like this and maybe get a date range for manufacture but had no luck. The style

looks like the mid sixties to me but then it could still be from the eighties or even just a few years

ago for that matter. Anyone ever seen this style of Paul Masson wine carafe before? I love the little

grill. It looks like a squashed Weber Smokie Joe.


  1. Where did our summer go?! I didn't even get to have a housewarming BBQ before it was over. Hopefully we'll get a few more days of warms so I can get some BBQ ribs in.

  2. *warm weather

    I really wish there was an edit comment feature on here