Friday, September 16, 2011

More Unfinished Projects More Heywood Wakefield. Status: It's....Coming Along.


As you can see this isn't a pristine example of an m335g coffee table. It also probably won't be a 100 point restoration when I'm done either. Sometimes you just have to do your best and live with the results. At least I won't be messing up an otherwise beautiful table. This was a mess to begin with!

Yep, I got started again on this coffee table over the weekend but got side tracked by running out of

materials. I did hit the hardware store so I'll be back at it soon but I did notice that the Minwax stuff

isn't taking all the original finish off. What? I've never seen anything it wouldn't dissolve! I might

need to actually sand this down. Suck.


The entire table is held together with a number of screws and is easily disassembled. This table

looks to me to have been refinished before and while it was easy to take apart, it might have

originally been glued at the joints as well as screwed.


I spotted some Amber colored Shellac there at the hardware store. I wonder what that might look

like on a Hey/Wake table. Perhaps it would harken to the Champagne finish. I'll probably try a few

different finishes on the bottom of this to see what looks good before deciding. And that is were we

are right now. But since the weekends are cooler now I can get out and work on these little projects

and maybe get some of them done!


  1. Please share updates with this. I hope the shellac works and you can get it fixed up almost as good as new. And I agree, finally cooler though here we've been having a high of 48. From 90's to 30' blippin' inbetween!

  2. I don't usually like Heywood Wakefield, with the exception of this style with those legs. Can't wait to see the finished product.

  3. I always find it sad when I see a rough piece of furniture...especially Hey-Wake! I think we are in sync again...I'm currently working/sanding and refinishing a Hey-Wake piece too. Man I hate hand sanding!

  4. I've been told it's impossible to find anything at a hardware store that is true to Heywood Wakefield colors. I've always wondered what the Restoration Studio kits will do.

  5. wow cant wait to see wen itsall done

  6. go on ebay and look for the quart hey wake stains some guy sells. I just refinished this EXACT same table (I stripped *and* sanded mine) and used this person's Wheat finish. lots of tips and how-tos in the material accompanying the stain, and the stain is really really good stuff. recommend wheat because it's warmer than the champagne, which can look pinkish. I promise I am not the seller of this product! (if you want, I can send you a pic of hte refinished table)

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