Monday, February 11, 2013

We're Still Getting Things Together At Fleur De Lis - Home Sourse. On My Short List Was Getting Some Floor Coverings. Status: Check.


I've been looking around craigslist for about a week hoping to find some decent rugs at a cheap price for the shop.  Nothing worth sending an e-mail over showed up, but today I stopped by Garden Ridge to see if they had any more good upholstery material remnants.  Guess what, they got tons of rugs!


But first, check out the Peacock chairs I got for Mom-tomic over the weekend!  Aren't these just so

over the top?  I knew that my Mom would like them and when she asked if I could snatch them up for

her, I was happy to.  I think these will look great sitting out front of the shop...for the short time they'll 

be there until someone else snatches them up!


These are the two rugs that I picked up today.  They were / are very cheap.  I wouldn't expect them to

last long in a home but they don't have to do much more than look good here in the shop.  Plus, if they

do get ruined here, I won't be out much money.  After I got them here in the shop I realized that I could

have used another, but I can always go back and get one more.  Garden Ridge (a giant box style decor

store) has TONS more.  Actually, I might pick up another of that top one for the home.  Who cares if

it's a cheap rug.  It looks so cool!  It's got a real Brasilia vibe to it.  I wanna say that the second one has

a Kandinsky vibe but I can't find any Kandinsky paintings like it. 


I (of course) stopped at a thrift or three while out running around, but all I found was this nifty "Eames"

inspired magazine rack.  I've got another very similar one here at home that I've been reluctant to let go,

now I don't have to!  The barrel shade is from yesterday's thrifting.  I remembered to bring it home so

as to fit it with a proper base.  And so went my Sunday.  Hope you had a good weekend too!


  1. Hi Chris, I love the Brasilia vibed rug, it would look so cool in front of my Brasilia room divider.

    John aka AtomicHipster

  2. My god I love that Brasilia-esque rug!! WANT!!!!

  3. I just love the upper rug! Is it new or used? And what do you mean by cheap?
    And the lamp beside the magazine rack looks really good too =)

    1. Both rugs are new. I purchased them from Garden Ridge which is like a Big Box hardware store except full of home decor. The rugs were very inexpensive, but you get exactly what you pay for. The rugs are separated by price and these were on the cheapest stacks. These rugs are just style over substance.

  4. Your shop is quite drool-worthy! Everything looks great including the rugs! Gad, how can you bear to part with such good-looking stuff??? I'd want to keep everything! LOL

  5. Think this might be the same rug: