Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Just A Quick Look Around Tulsa's Craigslist. Anybody In The Midwest Looking For Some Cheap Style? Yes? Let's Look Around. Status: Not My Turf!

Greetings from Tulsa, Oklahoma, "The Oil Capital of the World" - Large Letter Postcard

Wow, look at that. "The Oil Capital Of The World"!  I thought Tulsa Oklahoma was here in the Midwest... not the Middle East!  At any rate, let's take a gander at what the Tulsa craigslist might have to offer the casual browser.


6 Chairs Dining Table Set - $249 (Broken Arrow)

250 for a nice looking Broyhill Emphasis dining set...with a china cabinet?  What a deal!  It's even got the rare round pedestal table.!


Diner table and chairs - $200 (Tulsa)

Not vintage, but definitely Vintge Style.  Black Skylark Formica diner table and four "Lucy" vinyl and chrome chairs.  Instant Diner style for Two Bills!



I don't know if anyone would need all three of these but they are selling them each at $7.  I think these are Gunlocke chairs.  Good and solid.


Bar - $30 (Tulsa )

Step 1. buy bar.  Step 2. get booze.  Step 3. become everybody's cool best friend!  It's hard to believe that it'll cost you less to buy the bar than to get your new friends drunk!


3 chairs - $15 (Catoosa/Tulsa)

Yes, Alesha, Thank you!  Although next time you might want to look at which side of the subject is best lit.  But we get the idea.  It's a vintage Thonet dining chair and it's cool.  Sucks there's only three but these aren't super rare so another will turn up.


Mid Century Modern Rocking Chair - $105 (Midtown Tulsa)

Man, that's a sexy rocker!  It's got Milo Baughman's style all over it.  Hmmmm, but I bet those arms are cold in winter.  Worth it...totally.


Zenith Console Stereophonic High Fidelity Am FM Radio with Cobramatic - $100 (Bentonville/Fayetteville)

These old tube powered stereo consoles sound so thick and rich.  Lots of them even have "tape" inputs so you can easily hook up your MP3 player...or phone or whatever you gots your tunes on.


DINING ROOM SET - $225 (Tulsa)

This also looks like a Broyhill set but I'm not sure.  At any rate you get a dining set and a china cabinet for your $225.  Bargain.


Franciscan Trio Vintage Dinnerware Set, 16 Pieces - $85 (Midtown Tulsa)

I've never seen this Franciscan pattern before.  I'm liking it.  I'm glad I'm not in Tulsa or else I'd probably be starting yet another collection.


Retro lamp shades-2 - $10 (Tulsa)

Who don't need a matching pair of nice retro lampshades?  I'd love to have these.  I've got so many lamp bases that need appropriate shades!  Bet you do too!


  1. All look like great deals! I would have snatched more than a few of these! Bar, stereo, chairs and shades, oh my! Not too shabby pickins to be had!

  2. Hey, this is MY turf!!! Hahaha.

    I always enjoy your search of other cities and wondered if someone might entice you to take a look at Tulsa sometime. I've actually been watching each and everyone of of these items for quite sometime now (even contacted a few just to test the waters), but I'm being a bit more selective in what we bring in to the casa these days. I"m surprised that nobody has snatched the Emphasis dining set too. It's been available for what seems like forever. The matching hutch is (or at least was?) available too. Emphasis isn't my fav design though and I am pretty stocked in the dining set department. I've got an Erik Buck set waiting in the wings and picked up another Brasilia set today. Whew, lots of work to be done.

    I tried to get my sister-in-law to go for the Gunlocke chairs (good eye btw), but alas I couldn't convince her. What a deal.

    Anyway, fun to see that we came up with the same results. Maybe I should check into your turf next time? Haha.

  3. Oh and there are still a few "hidden" gems sitting out there here, so I'm glad you haven't exposed those to the masses yet!