Tuesday, February 12, 2013

See? STILL Getting Things Together! But I Think This Conant Ball Danish Style Lounge Sofa Might Be The Last Big Item I Can Fit Into The Shop. Status: Cleaned Up And Available.


Once again, burning the midnight oil at the shop.  It had to be done.  Night before last I spotted this beautiful Conant Ball Danish style sofa on craigslist around 10pm.  The seller included a cryptic phone number so I went ahead and decoded and called it.  No answer at first but I struck paydirt on my second try!


Yeah, the seller had put his area code in parenthesis but failed to hit the shift key on the second of the set

so his number looked like (9990123-4567.  It took me a few moments to figure out what had happened

but when I called and got a business voice mail I became unnerved.  I looked at the number again to see

if there was a different way to figure it and came up empty handed...so I decided to try it again and leave

a message if I got voice mail again.  This time the seller answered!  Score!


But alas, even though the seller had JUST placed the ad, he was not able (willing, but not able) to show

me the sofa at that time.  This was a score (of course it was...I was after it!) and I knew it would gather

lots of interest.  But the guy sounded really cool and said he would definitely hold if for me since I had

called him so soon after the ad went up.  We made arrangements to meet after I got off work and I

crossed my fingers.


I called again before work to confirm that someone else hadn't snatched the sofa and the seller assured

me that it was being held for me.  After I got off work I called again and the seller said to come on by

and he'd help me load it up.  THAT turned out to be a bit of a fiasco.  I'm usually very prepared with

bungees and tie downs.  I forgot ALL of that at home...AND I had a pair of barstools in the back of

Frank (the Focus Wagon).  So I couldn't put anything on top of the car...and although I could Almost

close the hatch with this in the back...it just wasn't going to happen.  Did I mention that I forgot all my

tiedowns?  The seller was kind enough to forward me a single bungee and that was all it took.  I was

loaded up and headed to the shop.  I spent the next three hours cleaning it up and tagging more of my

items.  And that's the story of why today's posting is so late!


  1. Love it! I'm looking for a chair that is that style/color. You wouldn't happen to have one, would you?

  2. Good looking sofa and well worth the effort.

  3. We had a sofa and matching chairs similar to this when I was a kid. KILLS me that my parents weren't hoarders or pack rats. She actually put the aluminum tree in the trash, I still see it going into a can as a kid and seriously thinking this cant be good.

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