Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Gettin' Stuff Done! Remember The Lane Dining Chair I Started Cleaning Up? Got Some Upholstery Work Done On It Now! Status: Lookin' Good.


When last we visited the Lane dining chair that I was cleaning up (to pair with the Broyhill Saga desk at the shop) it looked about like this.  I had cleaned up the frame and stripped off the upholstery but hadn't gotten any further.  When I got home from work this evening I decided it was time to dig in.


This is the before photo, even before knocking the dust off the frame.  Egad, look at that.  This poor

guy needed some help.  I pulled off the seat and took some 0000 fine steel wool and the Howards

Walnut Restore-A-Finish to the frame.  Now it's time to take care of the seat.


The first thing I had to do was make a new pad for the chair.  The old pad had turned to that possibly

toxic yellow dust.  I took the seat and traced around it on a camping pad that I picked up at Walmart. 

I cut that out and used some spray adhesive to secure it to the concave wooden seat.


After I got that lined up, secure and properly trimmed I needed to add some batting.  Batting adds a little

"puff" to the pad and hides the imperfections of the seat pad after the fabric is in place.  It doesn't actually

add much padding but it's necessary.


I looked through my bags of upholstery fabric remnants that I've got stashed and found something that

looks good.  I had to iron the fabric flat since it was folded up into a neat little pack well before I brought

it home.  I did some measuring and found the center line of the seat (on the bottom) and of the fabric to

ensure that when it was attached, the pattern was straight and even.


I'm about 80 percent done with the stapling but it looked good enough to snap some quick pics to show

ya how good it's gonna look when done.  After I get the last of the staples in I'll be taking this right over

to our shop (Fleur De Lis - Home Source) in St. Charles to tuck it into the knee hole of the Broyhill

Saga desk that I have available over there.  I'm sure I'll have it done by this weekend.  If you're in the

area, stop by and check out my handywork...maybe pick up something nice!


  1. Wow, looking really good. Always have to see the potential in beaten stuff =).
    Just found your blog yesterday, it`s really nice, and I have a lot of reading to do to catch up =)

  2. Thanks for the Howard recommendation. I have a Duncan Phyfe dining set in pretty amazing condition, considering its 70 years old, but it needs a little rejuvenation.

  3. My very first blog entry I had some bad(crappy Coolpix cam) before and after pics of Lane end tables in Gunstock Walnut, by the cut of the legs I'd say they were from the same line as this chair. Another nice find sir.