Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Just By Happenstance We Found Another Savers Thrift Over The Weekend. Just Like Last Time We Arrived To Find A Grand Opening. And Once Again We Found Some Good Stuff. Status: Two New Traps!


I was actually headed to a Goodwill in South County that I don't get to very often when I noticed a new Savers.  I actually passed by it and had to do some creative driving to get back to it as the road was separated by a concrete divider.  But where there's a thrift, there's a way.


And what did the new trap yield?  This amazing George Briard silver rimmed salad / snack bowl!  It's a

lovely combination of classic George Briard foliage in silver and the striking Dorothy Thorpe style silver

plated rim.  I also picked up a couple of frames to decorate the shop with but this bowl was the real find.


Above you can see that the Georges Briard bowl is the same shape as a Dorothy Thorpe bowl.  I'm

pretty sure they are identical.  The silver plate on the rim (how do they do that?) is obviously thicker

on the Thorpe piece than of the Briard bowl, except on the smaller Dorothy Thorpe dip bowl.  Those

two are almost identical in thickness.  Anyway, this beautiful Briard bowl will soon make it's way into

Fleur De Lis - Home Source where it will join the pair of art deco Manhattan / Anchor Hocking platters

I dropped off over the weekend.  I've got to put together a few more smalls to take over there, but I

gots to keep it classy!

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