Sunday, February 3, 2013

I Won. I Think I Made The First Sale At Our New Shop: Fleur De Lis - Home Source! Had A Customer While Setting Up Yesterday. Status: It Has Begun.


I was at the new shop yesterday afternoon hanging some artwork when our first cash in hand buyer walked right in that front door.  I'm not certain but I'm pretty sure I sold the first item!  The Franciscan Salt and Pepper Shakers are officially Gone!  The buyer also gave the Drexel Profile dining set a good looking at and I expect it to be gone soon to as it's garnered quite a bit of interest lately.


So yeah, got that artwork up off the floor and dressers yesterday.  This wall is all brick and plaster so I

went with those 3M Command adhesive wall hooks that are reusable and movable.  That way, when

stuff sells or I need to move something around I can easily reposition the art around it without having to

drill new holes all over this wall.  I've already had some interest in the two black and white painting but

they aren't really for sale so much as something to decorate the walls.  I love those two paintings and don't

want to be rid of them.  Having them here at the shop means that I can actually display and appreciate
them since I don't currently have room at home.


Some of the new items I DO have available at the shop: Witco Olws, Hanging "Lightolier" style

adjustable lamps, ceramic serving dish, pair of "U.S.A" ceramic Autumn leaf dishes and a Murano

style glass ashtray.  I'm finally starting to get some much needed color in here!  Everything was wood

or beige.  I've been bringing stuff over and I though I brought a lot with me this trip but after putting it

all out...I still need lots more!


I've started getting the four shelves filled up.  I brought in the Metlox Poppytrail Navajo dishes and my

collection of Royal Haeger "Stangl" style pieces.  I need to get a bulb for the little globe and I brought

in a little bit of kitchen smalls too.  Things are coming along, and that I was able to sell a little something

on our first unofficial day bodes well for our future.  I'm hoping it'll be so bright that I'll wanna wear



  1. So glad to hear that all has gone well thus far! I hope this new enterprise brings you tons of success!

  2. Hi! Do you still have the orange autumn leaf dishes available? I know the post is from February but it never hurts to ask! Also, I'm located in Dallas. Do you ship? Thanks!