Friday, February 8, 2013

I Finished Up The Lane Dining Chair And Dropped It Off At Our Shop Tonight. Took A Few Pics While I Was There. Wanna See? Status: Quiet At Night.


After I got home from work I finished up the Lane dining chair I've been working on to put with the Broyhill Saga desk.  It wasn't too late so I thought I'd drive over to the shop and drop it off.  Might as well take some pics while I'm there, right?  Check out our totally custom bags!


The chair totally works with the Saga desk.  Finally, I can breath a sigh of relief.  I've been wanting to

get a decent chair for this desk since I got it.  Actually, when I DID buy this desk the seller had the

actual Broyhill Saga chair that went with it but wanted to keep it for their own use.  Now that I think

about it, this Lane chair has a lot of the same styling cues that the Saga dining chairs have!  No wonder

it works so well with this desk.


Here's some shots of some of Mom-tomic's vignettes.  Classy, right!  She's so much better at placing

items than I am.  I just try to find a way that works...she's got an eye for it though.  Heck, even the staff

at The Green Shag do a better job than I do half the time when they have to pull out an item that has

sold and re-arrange for me!


I brought in the bright red Herman Miller / Peter Protzman armchairs too. They're providing a much

needed POP of color and help balance some of my other offerings such as the little Lane side table and

the pull down reading lamps. Did you peep the cool tags that Mom and Sis-tomic made up? Again,

how cool and classy are those? I used up a big ol' pile of them though and will have to spend some time

this weekend making up a bunch more. Not just to replace the ones they might need, oh no...I still have

lots of items to tag up myself! Hopefully soon I'll be able to provide you with regular hours, but if you

want to drop to check out the shop...drop me an e-mail at the address above and to the right. I can

either make sure that someone will be around or we can make an appointment.

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  1. The chair legs are similar to the desk and the curves and taper of the chair supports match the desk handles, very nice.