Saturday, February 23, 2013

Looking For A Little Help From You...My Smart And Savvy Readership. My Buddy Dan Is Soon To Be Offering Some Amazing Handmade Vintage Modern Inspired Items And We'd Like To Ask What You Think. Status: Upcoming


First of all, do you like this planter and stand?  Is this something that you would want in your home?  I know I do and will have more than one when they become available.  Dan is also soon to be offering some fantastic steel "atomic" style wall art.  Wanna see what it looks like?  Click through my friend!


So here's the deal:  no sugar coating it...we'd like to know what you'd pay for these.  I have an idea and

I'm sure Dan does too, but we're just two fellas with a limited view of the world.  The more info we get

on this the better.  The base is welded steel and the pot is plastic.  I'm of the opinion that the pot should

be ceramic but Dan might not be able to source ceramic pots in this size and shape.  Would ceramic pots

affect your buying decision if you found these say, in a local shop or antique mall selling vintage modern,

retro, danish modern, etc.?


And what about these welded steel "atomic" art pieces?  These are still "raw", the finished pieces will

be painted and the buyer will be able to have them custom painted or buy the standard finishes.  Of

course custom pieces will come with a premium attached.  What is your opinion of a fair price for



Here are the standard layouts for the pieces.  From left to right they will be categorized as small, medium

and large.  Wouldn't these look so amazing on your wall?  I'm chomping at the pit to get some of these up

on the walls at The Green Shag Market and over in St. Charles in our shop: Fleur De Lis - Home Source. 

If you'd like to have some input on the pricing and anything else please feel free to leave a comment below

or, if you are more comfortable with it - send me a note at mister.modtomic(at)  Just replace

the "(at)" with an @!


  1. I'd definitely go for the planter, but would prefer it in ceramic. As far as the price, I don't thin I'd be the one to ask. As you know, I'm a cheap SOB.

  2. The repo. bullet planters the same size as the one shown, sell for about $150-$170. However, the pots are molded fiberglass and sit flush to the stand (and the stands are the classic tripod shape). I like the square base a lot. I don't think I would pay more than $85 for the planter. But that's assuming this is a pretty sturdy piece.

    I don't have an opinion on the wall art. Not my thing.

  3. I like the planters as they are akin to the bullet planters (which are way too expensive for my blood!) I can't say a price, however. I also like the atomic wall art, but since I don't know the work that goes into his items, I can't really say prices. I know that I look for bargains for myself. Being on a very fixed income doesn't allow for extravagant purchases. But that's just me and I'm not the norm. I wish him luck on his endeavor!

  4. Modernica has a small cylindrical ceramic planter with steel base for $175, would think plastic planter and metal base for $65 to $80. Maybe 50% profit over the cost of materials, just a guess. Why not offfer ceramic pots if he can get them too?

  5. I love the wall art scuptures. Those could go for big bucks. Homage to the Ray Eames dot pattern? I actually would prefer the unfinished, brutalist look, but I could see painting them to add color to a room. I would think you could not sell the bullet planters for enough without a higher quality planter like ceramic or maybe a cool printed fiberglass.

  6. I'd be interested in buying the wall art. Those are great. I probably wouldn't spend more than $50 - $75 for a grouping.

  7. I'd say $50-75 for the wall art, and in reality, I love the planters, but I wouldn't spend much on one--$30 tops for plastic, and I'd prefer plastic. Perhaps $50 if the colors were really popping and retro.

  8. The planter looks awesome. I actually would prefer plastic to ceramic in order to keep the price down. I know it's a dream but this cheap s.o.b. would love something in the 40 buck range. Thats probably not realistic but 40-75 (as the stands get bigger) would be a home run price point.

    The wall art has potential but looks like it would really only work when 6 - 10 units/pieces are used (like an installation).

  9. I really like the planters, and I'm fine with plastic. Honestly, with a Mr. Clean Magic eraser, even when it gets dirty or water-stained, plastic cleans so easily, and it's lighter weight. I'm pretty cheap too, but I'd give $30 for a small planter and $50 for a large.
    Oh- and I recognize the floor in Dan's house - a gorgeous home!!