Monday, February 25, 2013

I've Got A Fresh Offering At Our Shop: Fleur De Lis - Home Source, This Week. Space Is At A Premium, Even Though I Pulled Out A Pair Of Chairs To Sell Elsewhere, But I Just Managed To Shoehorn This In! Status: Teak-a-licious!


This is all the info I have.  And I'm thankful for having even that since these stickers are often lost over time.  I've got the manufacturer and country of origin, but alas...have found nothing on a designer.  The set has the same je ne sais quois that I feel infuses Erik Buck designs.  Maybe one of my readers knows who the mystery designer is!


Well?  What do ya think?  This is a pretty striking Scandinavian dining set.  It consists of four armchair

dining chairs, a pedestal table and a large leaf.  Four armchairs in a set like this is sort of unusual, right?

And it's the chairs that are really the star of the show with this Danish teak set.


I wasn't too sure about the chairs at first because of the LOW slung stretchers between the front and rear

legs.  I thought the stretchers were actually runners (like the whole stretcher rested entirely on the floor)

until I got a chance to look at the chairs in person.  I might not have been so keen on the chairs if the

stretchers had actually been runners as that would have lent them a more "office room" feel.  Sometimes

the smallest, most subtle details make all the difference. 


And my favorite detail is the armrest and upright for the chair back.  This area is both sculpted yet

angular.  Again, it's these small details that put a set like this a notch above your average Danish teak

dining set.  The chairs have been recently re-upholstered in a lovely sage green pair of contrasting but

complimentary patterns.  I might not have chosen the patterns but the color works very nicely with

the teak. 


The set will be available Wednesday at Fleur De Lis - Home Source and hopefully there's a buyer out

there ready to give it a new home.  Drop by and give it and all our other beautiful treasures a good lookin'

at when you get a chance!  If you are absolutely Desperate to check out the dining set before Wednesday,

feel free to shoot me a note and we can set up an appointment.


  1. Have you tried the Forum section at That's a great place to post pictures of your mystery Modernist furniture. There are a lot of members in Europe who are familiar with real vintage Danish modern pieces, and they are eager to identify obscure furniture, lighting, etc. Posting pictures can be tricky in this forum because if your pics are too large, they will not post right. I bet someone on the forum will know all about your cool dining set.

  2. I found several other sets like yours online that are simply listed as designed and produced by Vamdrup Stolefabrik. It's very possible it was designed by an anonymous, in house designer. Great looking set.