Friday, February 1, 2013

OK, Here We Go! It's Not A GRAND Opening But We're Going To Be Welcoming You To Stop By Tomorrow (Saturday 02 / 02) To Take A Little Look 'Round At Fleur De Lis - Home Source. For Those Of You Who Can't Make It, Here's A Preview. Status: Almost Ready.


I've been busting my hump trying to get things setup and solid at our new shop this last week or so.  I was there cleaning up on some of my wares and delivering more stock last night until 3:30am!  Gotta say, I like that I can do this since I am not a morning person and I've got a day (well, second shift) job. 


This is what you can expect for the time being as you enter our new shop.  This red loveseat was one

of the first items we got for the shop after we got the building.  I spotted it on C-list and sent Mom-tomic

the link (she's like a pro or something now on her little smart phone!) she didn't hesitate at all in contacting

the seller but then lost his number AFTER he pulled the ad!  She's smart and stuff though and just looked

around craigslist for other ads that looked like the sellers and found another ad that he had placed!

Smart, she is!


So you might remember the crumby pics I showed you a few days ago of my wares here at the shop.  I

had used the wrong light setting on my little Nikon Coolpix L1, which (IMHO) is a great camera...if used

properly!  Well, these photos look SO much better and this is a much better representation of the shop

and the stuff.  I have, of course, been arranging and re-arranging over and over - not that it matters as it'll

probably look different every week with the comings and goings of new stock.  I'll be sure to bore you

to tears with regular updates.  Next project; get that artwork properly hung!


Here's the new (to me) Herman Miller / Eames Mahogany finish table set up with some Eiffel base white

plastic "Shell" chairs in the style of Eames / Miller...yeah, they're knockoffs...but they're super nice and

in near perfect condition.  Don't this make a nice set?  Hannah, here you can see how the table height

looks. I didn't measure but the ad said something like 27.5" but these armchairs sit nicely underneath it. 

I've got the feet screwed way out on this side to level it out on the uneven floor, but the feet on the other

side are all the way in.  Who wouldn't like to be the first person to drag something like this out of the



I've got lots of different kinds of furnishings in here already, with plans for more of course, but I've still

got to gather up the smalls and bring 'em in.  Check out those shelves!  I got those at the Habitat For

Humanity Re-Store a while back and had planned on using them in my booth at the Green Shag Market

(YES!  I'm still there and have no plans to vacate!) but they were going to be too hard to put up and

maybe too heavy for the pegboard booth walls, so that plan never came to fruition.  No problem, they

work great in this space and I've got enough kit to put up six more.  I just gotta get some stuff in there to

put on 'em!


Bringing in those white shell chairs was one of the reasons I dropped into the shop last night after work,

the other was to start cleaning up this Drexel Profile dining table (with leaves and pads!) and six chairs.

I didn't get too far along but I did get the top scrubbed pretty good.  This table and these chairs aren't

mint and will never look perfect but they are very stylish and will clean up nicely.  The seats need to be

recovered but are being sold as least for now.  If the set is still available later I might get some time

to recover the pads myself but for real, this set will be had much cheaper as is - and you can then hire

Mom-tomic to recover the seats in Your Choice of material!


  1. The new place looks great! Pretty soon you are going to be able to park in your garage! It'll be a trek to St. Charles but I'll be out soon to check everything out. Cheers - CT

  2. The shop looks fantastic! I wish all of you much luck!

  3. The shop is looking fabulous!!!! Great success to you!!!!

    Honey Stop The Car Vintage

  4. Neat. Is that a Witco on the wall?