Saturday, February 9, 2013

I FINALLY Got Down To The Green Shag To Deliver My Rent And A Few More Items. Found Some Cool New Offerings! Status: Always Well Stocked.


I stopped by The Shag this evening to drop off the other Protzman / Miller arm chair and a trio of stacking Formica topped tables, pay my rent and pick up my check but took a little look around and pulled out the camera.  Too many good new wares to not take some pics and share.


Need a cool new lamp...or three?  Plenty of vendors have really nice vintage modern lamps to choose

from here at The Green Shag Market.  I get the feeling that some of these will be gone before the weekend

is up.  Heck, I might drop back in and snatch up the one in the middle myself!  I love those "Rocket" lamps.


What a great idea!  How many times have you seen Herman Miller stacking bases (where the seller has

sold the chair shells on eBay and the buyer didn't want the stacking bases) on craigslist for cheap.  Here's

what you can do with those!  This piece of course isn't built on an Herman Miller base but it's close and it

shows what can be done.  A matched set of these would make super nightstands!


It seems like it's been weeks since I was last able to make my rounds here at The Shag.  I've had quite

a busy couple of weeks with getting my space up and running at Fleur De Lis - Home Source, overtime

at work and taking Frank (my Focus Wagon) in for some mechanical help (wheel bearings - again).

Lots of stuff has come and gone and I've hardly had time to keep up!  I was informed that a number of

buyers had recently come in from out of town after finding info about the antique mall via the blog.  Was

it you?


I think more and more of the vendors here at The Green Shag are bringing in more vintage modern and

retro items.  There will always be plenty of vintage and antique wares available at any antique mall but

it's nice that we have plenty of variety here.  I'm loving that some of the vendors are even displaying a

keen eye for the vintage industrial / Restoration Hardware look...something I'd like to get more acquainted



  1. I have the exact same dresser. Actually I have the entire bedroom set. Check out the ad for it. Cashing in on the I Love Lucy hype!