Thursday, February 28, 2013

I Went Through A Phase A While Back Of Collecting Vintage Planters. Mr. Modtomic Lacks The Necessary Green Thumb To Keep Plant Life Alive So They Needed A New Use. Status: Guessed Yet?


Yes, I know...but we all use it. And ya gotta keep some handy (i.e. not in the hallway closet...way down the hall) for that inevitable and inopportune moment when you find the last sheet. Sure, you could leave it sit unceremoniously out like this. Or you could buy one of those covers, but I got another idea!


Now ain't that nice? Oh sure, the planters don't cover the TP but at least they keep it in place. And you

know where to find it when the previous roll runs out. Plus, ckeck it out: matching planters! Blue speckles

for the blue and yellow bathroom and Pink and Grey speckles for the pink and blue bathroom!  And one

extra small yellow speckled planter for the yellow and blue bathroom.  At least they're getting some sorta



  1. I have a pink Shawnee planter sitting...empty...on the back of my toilet. Now why on EARTH had this not occurred to me!!?? Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Ha Ha! I like the way your mind works!!!

  3. coloured gravel and a candle, marbles, air plants, moss, potpourri maybe but TP holder. lol

  4. Genius!!!! Sharing on my Facebook and Pinterest

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