Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Between Dropping Off Peter Protzman Chairs At The Antique Mall And Picking Up And Delivering A Full Danish Dining Set At The Shop In Frenchtown I Managed To Find A Beautiful Pair Of Manhattan Glass Platters! Status: Tagged / Available!


The Manhattan pattern by Anchor Hocking seems to have only been produced between 1938 and 1943.  They must have very very large amount of these pieces...because I seem to see find it alot!  Case in point...I picked up a pair of platters just this weekend.  Looking for some fabulous art deco style depression era glass?  Stop by Frenchtown in St. Charles and check these out!


I've got a few other pieces of Manhattan glass here at home.  I dig the simplicity of the pattern.  It's

classically Art Deco.  No frills or flourishes.  And being less than delicate, it's a collectible pattern that

can be used daily.  We've got a set of green glass Manhattan dinner plates that we use every day.


After poking around and delivering the Peter Protzman chairs (which all got bought up, by the way!) to

The Green Shag Market on Saturday we killed a little time before dining at Mangia Italiano (on South

Grand) by hitting a few thrifts.  There wasn't much to be had but I was happy to find these.  Seems like

I'm not having great luck lately but for real, I'm just not being as vigilant as normal.  I just gotta start getting

outa' bed a little earlier on the weekends!


Oh, and in case you ain't looking for some pretty glass serving pieces...I've brought in a really pretty

chair to take over where the Protzmans left off!  Yeah, I'm letting go of the Eames style lounger.  With

having the Falcon chair in the living room there's just not enough room for it in the casa too.  I'm sure

it'll find a new and loving home soon.  Until then, it makes for a great place to relax at the shop!



  1. Did you know that in 1987 Anchor Hocking starting producing Park Avenue, a pattern very much like their Manhattan pattern? Without close inspection and measuring it's difficult to tell one from the other when found in crystal. All blue pieces are Park Avenue.

    Your platter is Manhattan as the Park Avenue platter doesn't have handles.

  2. I was also going to mention 'Park Avenue'! Most of what I find around...and you're right, there IS a lot of it!...is actually Park Avenue. My favourite Manhattan pieces are the ones that were 'parted out'. AH sold a lot of Manhattan to silver and metal companies who then added to them and sold them as their own. A Manhattan/some metal company basket (made from a Manhattan handled bowl and an etched metal band for a handle) sits atop my fridge as I type this! I've seen others here and there...usually bowls with handles (and sometimes matching tongs), metal pedestal cake plates, metal connected tiered plates, ect. They're lovely! And you're right, it's such a perfect bit of Art Deco with no frills, only style!

  3. Noticed on Ebay the divided platter has wedge shaped containers that encircle it.