Friday, February 22, 2013

Hey FLA! Looking For Some Cheap Style 'Round The Jacksonville Area? Sure Ya Are! Status: Not My Turf.

Greetings from Jacksonville, Florida - Large Letter Postcard

We had a snow day here in the StL so I took the opportunity to take a look around a warmer locale and dream of warmer weather.  I discovered there's some good stuff to be had in north eastern Florida.  Wanna take a gander?  Click right on through and see if anything catches your eye!


Dinning (sic) Room Table for 8 - $150 (Mandarin)

So I'm not sure if the chairs are included with the table, but they might be...and if they are, that's a killer deal! The chairs are Hans Olsen / Frem Rojle vintage danish chairs.  There's a number in the ad but it was too late for me to call to find out.


IKEA leather couch/sofa BEAUTIFUL! - $115 (Jacksonville- Wells Rd)

I found and featured another of these IKEA sofas on a previous episode of "Not My Turf" a while back. I didn't know it was an IKEA product at the time but stated that I'd be happy to have it for $120. Later I actually found one exactly like it here in the StL area for about that price, bought it and then sold it in my booth at The Green Shag Market. $115 is a bargain. These are nice. Act quick or you'll miss out.


Entertainment Center - $100 (westside, argyle)

This is of a Broyhill line (Facet Collection) that I haven't ever come across before. This "entertainment center" looks to me like it maybe needs some legs. I can't see any in the small photo and it doesn't look like it should be up off the floor. A trip to the hardware store for some legs, mounts and a rattle can of satin black paint would sort that out. And I bet you could get a better price because it needs legs!



This china cabinet is right up on the edge of being Transitional (going from traditional to modern).  The bottom alone is straight up vintage modern but the top edge of the hutch pushes the envelope.  Overall I like it and I think it's worth the asking...but the ad Does say OBO!


Antique Stool W/Drawer - $35 (Jacksonville)

I'm not sure what the point of a stool of this size is with a built in drawer but I like it none the less!  Maybe its a piano bench...for a player know, the kind with the rolls!  I'm at a loss.  What do you think?  It looks very pretty yet very well constructed, almost like it came from a library.


Pair of Mylo Bachman (sic) Vintage Chrome Stools - $115 (Echo Repeat Fashions and Furnishings)

First off, it's Milo Baughman...not Mylo Bachman, but they are pretty cool, right?! Also, I've never seen stools like these labeled as Milo Baughman.  Not that it matters.  It's the style and the price I'm looking at here.  I don't search for this stuff using keywords.  I use my eyes and best judgment!  If these were in a shop they wouldn't be a buck fifteen, that I'm sure of!


Glass Hutch - $25 (6150 st. augsutine rd. 32217)

Looks like maybe it's missing it's sliding doors on the bottom but at just $25 you could afford to have some made or even have another set of glass doors made!  It'll never be high end but you ain't paying high end for it either and you'll still be looking stylish.


End Tables ($20 each) and Lamps (San Jose Blvd. & St. Augustine Rd.)

What do you think about that blue carpet?  I like it...AND all those tables too!  No idea what the manufacturers are, but $20 each sounds more than fair to me.  I'd especially like to pick up that white and walnut pedestal table...but alas, I am not there...where it's warm.


Bentwood Chair - $125 (Beaches)

This is a great '70s mod version of the classic Danish modern lounge chair.  I'd love to have one of these if only to contrast my Selig "Z" chair.  The thing looks like it's built like a tank and would last forever and look good all the while.  Ad says it's from Scan Design which seems to be a local contemporary furnishing business.


LOOK! Dinning table 8 Chairs - $795 (Jacksonville)

Ok...$795 might seem like a lot for this table and chairs, but you get a Huge table and Eight chairs. Eight Erik Buck chairs! These go for some big bucks of eBay and you don't exactly trip over them in your local thrifts. You could buy this set, use it for 5 or 10 years (the chairs are freshly recovered) and sell it for more than you spent on it!


  1. As usual that great eye again finds the goods! Jax is a little too far outside my hunting grounds though!

  2. I never knew anyone with such a good eye for finding good stuff cheap! My friend is now checking in to see what goodies you have and she is mightily impressed!!!

  3. Picked up the Hans Olsen/ Frem Rojle Table and 8 chairs, yes; 8. All for $100. I owe you big, sir.

    Thank you!

    1. Jeez! You even got 'em for less than asking!? Man, that's such a nice set that it kinda makes me wince a little. SCORE! You're welcome. I'm just picking up where Apartment Therapy's "Scavenger" left off...except they weren't really all that good at find bargains.