Thursday, February 21, 2013

On Top Of The Dorothy Thorpe Rocks Glasses Featured Yesterday, I Also Scored Some Other Goodies That I Will Now Take A Moment To Share With You, My Loverly Readership! Status: A Sad Surprise.


Yup.  I gots even more Libbey Silver Foliage...but I've come to see that there is another name or perhaps yet another nearly identical line like these called Starlyte!  Anyway, I found some other pretty cool stuffs as well.  I got it all out while at Fleur De Lis - Home Source the other night.


She still wants for some clean up but ain't this Club sauce pan a beaut?  Lovin' me some blue enameled

aluminum, but alas...this lady is headed for the booth (#5) at The Green Shag Market.  There some

empty space on the shelves there and this lonely single covered pan is just what the doctor ordered.


When I dropped by the Salvation Army thrift here in Florissant over the weekend I found one of these

Federal Glass (got it right This time!) coffee cups right away.  I didn't pick it up until I spotted the

second.  What can I say, I like pairs and set.  What I Really like is the subtle iridescent rainbow of

color that's covering the exterior surface of the cups.  What makes me sad is that I didn't notice until

shooting these pics that one of the handles has a large chip (see last photo above) in it.  So I actually

only have one Federal Glass coffee cup.  Boo Hoo.


And lastly, the ubiquitous Libbey Silver Foliage find.  I actually found five of these...but luckily one had

a chipped base.  I know...I got un-even sets problems.  These are my first parfait Silver Foliages.  Of

course, you don't got to eat a parfait out of tastes pretty good when consumed from them

as well.  These aren't going anywhere.  Well, they're going on a shelf...and in my personal collection!


  1. I love those Federal glass coffee cups. I have a set of 6 passed down from my grandma.

  2. I adore the silver foliage crystal! My mom has an insanely large and varied set of them that she was given by an elderly friend of hers as a wedding gift in 1974. Mom had fallen in love with them while having dinner at the lady's house and always remarked how lovely they were, so the lady decided they should be hers! I've always thought it was not only one of the most generous and sweet wedding gifts ever for that reason alone...but my god they're beautiful! I've always adored them and they'd look amazing in my house, but as they're the family's 'holiday' glassware, I have a feeling the only way I'm gonna get my little mitts on them is when my mom becomes either too old to cook Christmas dinner or too senile to notice I've nicked them!!