Saturday, February 2, 2013

Mr. Modtomic Longtime Reader RetroSandie Requested A Reconnaissance Of The Rhode Island / South East Mass. Craigslist Area, Looking For Some Cheap Style. Wanna See What I Found? Sure Ya Do! Status: Not My Turf!

Greetings from Rhode Island - Large Letter Postcard

Last summer the Girlfriend and I had the pleasure of spending our summer vacation in the North East but we didn't get This far up!  The Girlfriend actually used to live way up here for a while.  I've never been.  Maybe in a few years we'll make another trip this way and I'll get to see it all for myself.  Until then, I'll just check out their craigslist!


Small wooden table & Chairs fold up - $60 (Wareham)
Right off the bat I found this cute little folding table and chair set.  I don't know if it only has the two chairs shown or if there are two more.  I hope there are two more.  Don't the chairs look a lot like the set that A Modern Line refinished a while back?


beautiful hutch - $95 (fall river)
Argggg...I hate sidways craigslist pics!  But this is such a great china cabinet and for such a great price that I had to share anyway.  I almost picked up an exact match to this myself but it was priced just a little too high for how far I would have had to drive for it.  I tried to ID it at that time and came up empty handed.  Anybody got any info on this one?


Small sitting chair - $35 (marion)
Hey, this chair looks exceedingly familiar!  I had one just like it!  I sold it and the buyer refinished and re-upholstered it...then was kind enough to send me some good pictures of it!  It turned out great and shows how good this chair in Marion would look with a little bit of attention.

image0 image0

Dresser and End Tables - $150 (Westport)
What a cool looking set.  This is one of those deals that makes me ache a little bit that it's so far away.  I'd totally love to snatch this set up.  I love the handles and how the top mates up with the chest of drawers.  Even the gold metal stretchers on the legs are pretty cool!  I hope this set has a pair of Matching end tables.  That would just be the cherry!


Don't got a real fireplace?  Don't fret, you'd hate cutting wood for it anyway.  Just go get yourself a faux fireplace like this little guy!  It even plugs in and puts out heat On Top Of setting a romantic mood!


Clock with glass shelves - $10 (Cranston)
Rad mod clock / display.  I love it and it's super cheap.  The pic sucks but it looks like it might have a sort of butcher block face.  It's hard to say.  I'd grab it up regardless.  At just $10 you can afford to paint it or whatever!


Lane cedar chest, Contemporary - $50 (North Kingstown)
I'm not a big fan of plinth base case pieces but this works for me.  Perhaps it's the scale of the base compared to the chest.  At any rate, if you need somewhere to store your winter sweaters in the summer and short pants in the winter, I think this would fit the bill nicely!


Appliances/ Whole House of Furnature (Bassett Bedroom set $265../B.O. Bed ,Dresser w/mirror, Bureau) - $1 (Woonsocket RI)
Nice Basset set for just $265...Or Best Offer!  Looks like there's a 6 or 9 drawer dresser, a chest of drawers, a mirror and a bed.  This was the only photo of the set in the ad.  Looks like it might have a laminate top but that's still a great price and laminate, while less appealing, is at least super durable.


WOW...2 Unique chairs - $50 (Warwick)
Right, I know...not vintage modern, but SO Hollywood Regency...which is a close cousin (In my book) to vintage modern.  I'd love to have these, if not here in our home (though I wouldn't kick them out on principal) then in the shop.  Tell me those ain't beautiful!


OK, so I failed to find the ubiquitous Eames Lounger / Ottoman knockoff, but here's a nice Slavic Modern danish style rocking chair for just $20!  It's got a teeny bid of damage on the lower right corner of the back frame but it's probably hard to notice and or fixable.  I'd have it!  I've seen these SELL on eBay for almost $300.  I think I read that these were sold at Pier One Imports.

Anyway, I hope you see something you like RetroSandie and that it's still available.  Sometimes sellers aren't very responsible and fail to remove their ads even after the items sells.  I'm out at the shop today messing around.  I hope to meet some readers and maybe send some of my stuff off to new homes.  Thanks everybody for all the well wishings! 


  1. Awww, thank you so much for looking! You always have a fine eye for picking things out! That little Danish chair is nice for the price (but it's down the Cape). I also think that plug in retro fireplace is really cool! I also like that little rocker and have sent off an email to see where it is located. Thank you so much for checking out this area! I certainly appreciate it!! I'll tell you, there have been so many times I've drooled over stuff you've found. I always enjoy your posts! Keep up your fantastic work!!

  2. I sold a smaller version of that china cabinet and it was marked American of Martinsville.

  3. Great stuff! Came to visit from Retro Sandie's blog. I had that rocker a long time ago, oh well - we can't keep everything we find, but I do my part. Cool blog, will be a new follower. :) Pam