Friday, August 30, 2013

Whew! After All That Hard Work Yesterday Getting That Miller / Nelson Sofa Set Cleaned Up, Photographed And Installed In The Booth At The Green Shag...It's Time For A Siesta! A Siesta CHAIR That Is! Status: No Really, It's Time For A Siesta.


You may remember that I mentioned I picked up TWO items from craigslist while in Chicago last weekend.  One was the Caprani floor lamp that I featured just a few short days ago, the other was this Westnofa Siesta chair...from the same seller!  Yup, a Two-Fer!

I had made arrangements with the seller of the Caprani lamp to meet at Three PM and because he

had been getting other offers all day from Chicago dealers I was determined to be there AT Three.  I

walked up to the door at exactly 2:58PM and immediately upon walking in I was presented with the

Caprani lamp.  My focus was pretty intent on the lamp so I walked right by and totally missed this

Westnofa Siesta chair parked right by the front door!


After looking over the lamp, becoming satisfied with it's condition and paying the seller for it, I

turned and (Finally!) noticed this chair.  The sellers had already told me that they were paring

down their furnishing in preparation for a move and this chair, like the lamp, did Not mesh with

the rest of what they had in the living room.  It was a second anomaly and I pounced.  Surely they

were keen on being rid of it too!  Well, "Keen" may have been too strong a word.


They would let it go but not for my offer.  We didn't have to haggle back and forth but I only had to

come up another 25% to get this baby out the door as well and then the fun began.  I wasn't really

prepared to buy a chair as we had only brought The Flirt (the Girlfriend's Ford Fiesta hatch back). 

Would it fit?  I did bring my tools just in case I had to take something apart to fit it in...but could I

get away without using them?


It took a few minutes but luckily the chair squeezed in and my shopping for the weekend was done! 

Again, you have to know that Mr. Modtomic is a cheap bastard, so you know I didn't pay too much

for this and the Caprani lamp, right?  Just goes to show that there are vintage modern bargains to be

had Even on the Chicago craigslist!  Just gotta have the patience and persistence to get 'em!


  1. Great finds! I've had quite a few of these chairs come through the store lately and just sold the last "Siesta" I had. The chair you have is normally called the lounge chair as the original Siesta has a lower back. I had one each of the Siesta and Lounge chairs last year in black leather and rosewood frames. These are killer comfortable!

    1. Hi A Mod.

      Oh Lord! If this had the Rosewood frame I wouldn't be able to give it up! I guess I'm....Lucky?

  2. Cool find! I don't recall that we've had one in the store, but it does look crazy comfortable.

    1. Hi Dana.

      It so is. Rosewood or not...I probably shouldn't have "tested it for durability" cuz it was so hard to wake back up.