Sunday, August 25, 2013

More Pics From The Randolph Street Market In Chicago. And Believe Me...This Isn't Even The HALF Of It! Oddly Enough Though, The Flea Isn't What I'd Call Huge...Or Even That Big. Status: Well Curated!


THIS is what happens when a flea can pick and choose who sets up.  Instead of wildly random vendors, you can see a focus develop.  It's not so narrow as to end up with just 25 buyers walking around either.  My guess, it takes a delicate touch and a spine of steel.  Don't know if I'd want that job!


As you can see the wares were widely varied, yet I was smitten with almost everything I saw!  I don't

know if I'd ever drop a handful of vintage industrial or up-cycled industrial in our joint but I can say

that I find it ever so fetching...and who knows, maybe someday!


Finding SO much desirable stuff in one flea was a little overwhelming for Mr. Modtomic!  This,

outside of shops like Edgewater and B.A.M. is utterly unprecedented!  And you know, I thought it

would ALL be super high priced and way out of my range, but for keeping / my own collection, I

have to say there was A LOT of reasonably priced items.


Like I said yesterday, I didn't buy anything for myself...well, the Girlfriend bought the Mr. a new

Porkpie hat 'cuz she was tired of the old black one that I still love to death.  Other than that, SHE

bought a ton of stuff...and just to let you know, she's a cheap as I am!  Of course most of what she

bought was vintage costume jewelry and retro salt and pepper shakers.  You know...small, light, easy

to carry stuff.  ::sigh::

20130824_105913 edit

And there were lots of smalls if your budget won't allow for a custom made coffee table or a rad set

of leather Falcon chairs.  I don't think you'll find any crazy bargains like that Russel Wright relish

rosette (super rare...worth a ton!) wherein I got that along with a number of other nice pieces for just

a few bucks at the Wentzville flea here in the StL., but you WILL find nice stuff, won't have to dig

for it and the prices seemed fair and sometimes even cheap.


This was like all the best parts of all the fleas here in St. Louis and the big flea we went to in Texas

this last Spring, Canton First Mondays, boiled down to the best parts.  I highly recommend that if you

have the means, make your way there when you can.  We got seriously lucky in that it was the back

end of August and the weather was super nice...if a little sunny.  We both got a little bit sunburned but

it was our own fault for not bringing sunblock....or a parasol.


We liked it so much that we might just head back up next month.  The weather then might be even

nicer.  I might even do some shopping this time!  It's weird, when I've got the camera out, I can't

shop.  As I'm going through these pics I will inevitably hear myself think "Dude! Why didn't you

bring THAT home?!"  All I can do shake my head 'cuz I know how I am.  If I wanna shop I got to put

the camera away and switch modes!


I didn't really take any pics of them but there are a number of foody trucks and yummy food vendors

here at The Randolph Street Market.  The Girlfriend twisted my arm hard enough to get me to gobble

down a scrumptious crepe with bananas, strawberries and caramel...oh, and a tasty hand made

strawberry lemonade.  This isn't kids carnival food.  This is for those serious about what they put in

there body!  Like I said yesterday, definitely worth the ten hours of driving!  More (IKR?!) pics to



  1. I see some of your favourite Libby leaf glasses in one of the pics! Did you snatch them up? A couple of days ago, I was at my parents' for dinner. Mom told me to "get out the company glasses" and she had a good chuckle when I told her that, "there's this blogger who's in love with these things!". She has a HUGE...did I mention HUGE?...set of them that were given to her as a gift from a very sweet older lady when she and dad married in the mid '70s. Mom had commented on how beautiful they were when having dinner at her house once, so she decided Mom should have them! We've always enjoyed watching old films from the mid-'60s where they're being used. "Hey! That's my glasses!"

    1. Hi DtB

      I really didn't buy anything, at least for myself. We arrived about 10:30am and I had an appointment at 3pm to pick up a little something off craigslist and would you believe, because of that we were pressed for time?! I might have otherwise made a second run through and done a little actual shopping.