Monday, August 12, 2013

What Is It With Wentzville And Hans Wegner?!? OK, Maybe It's Not A "Thing", But Finding Ol' H-Dub There Twice (And Not Knockoffs Either!) Seems Like More Than A Coincidence. Status: My Turn (Already Gone!)


If you've been reading the blog for any time at all you probably know the story about the Hans Wegner "The" chairs that I hesitated on and consequently missed out on buying at the Wentzville flea a few years ago. 'Twas in the top Three if not THE greatest pick fail of my life. Well, that Karma has come back around and in such an obvious way...I'm a little insulted!


The plan for Saturday (tentative) was to rise early and hit an estate sale nearby that had a

floor lamp which was identical to the piece in our bedroom except for some of the detail

colors. This was the first time either of us had seen another of these lamps in over 7 or 8

years. Given how much hunting / gathering the Mr. does, you've got to must be a

decidedly rare lamp. But mornings...ugh. And I knew we had plans to go out for the evening

later...and I know how crumby I feel the rest of the day when I hit an early estate sale. So

needless to say, the estate sale visit didn't happen. Sleeping in sounded much more



My slacker nature paid off as the first action taken upon waking at the crack of 11 was to

spot an ad on craigslist for a cheap table and four chairs out in Wentzville. No, this lot was

not to be found at the flea market, that would have just been over the top. But the seller

WAS only a stone's throw away from the park where the flea sets up on Sundays. When I

spotted the chairs in the ad I knew exactly what they were but I couldn't tell if they were

knockoffs. I kinda suspected they would be given the relatively cheap table they were

paired up with, so you can imagine my overwhelming joy upon turning one over and finding

the Carl Hansen label on the bottom!


The chairs still need a good cleaning but don't look too shabby as is I must say. All the

paper cording is in good shape and the seats are firm but alas, somebody at some time

dribbled a little dinner on 'em. I've done nothing to clean them up so far and I hope that

these minor messes are easily remedied. Besides that the chairs are structurally sound

and the joints are tight but there is some wear on the tops of the arms which a previous

owner attempted to address with perhaps a black marker...hmmmm. Well, it sorta

worked. ::Shrugg:: Perhaps the next owner will be possessed of the will to have them

professionally restored, or perhaps like me they'll be happy as a clam to have them as is. 

Now all I need is to find another Pearsall sofa for nothing to remedy THAT Fail and we'll

be getting close to Karmic balance!


  1. Wow - those are pretty gorgeous looking. Are they going to the Green Shag? (she asks with too much interest for a person who doesn't need new chairs to go around her tulip table but has been kind of interested in these kind of chairs . . . )

    1. Hi CT.

      Show your hand much!?! Right now I'm only going through c-list and KRRB on Apartment Therapy because I simply don't have the room in my booth right now, but soon I will be taking advantage of my airspace and will be able to show more chairs and such than I can now.

  2. That's a really nice find! I don't know what you paid but I'm certain you got a bargain. Yesterday I just missed a Milo Baughman cube love seat by 30 minutes.

    1. Hi Bopfish.

      Sucks missing out on the Baughman but the close calls (whether it's a score or a swing and a miss) are the great stories we tell to all our friends...who are like, normal people and just stare back at us with a blank look.