Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I Couldn't Have Said It Better Myself Mr. Soichiro Honda (R.I.P 1991) And I Thank The Honda Motor Company For It's Tremendous Efforts To Help Save The American Icon Of Drive In Movie Theaters. Status: Heartwarming.

skyview sign

I stumbled upon this video a couple hours ago and thought that I should share it with my lovely readership.  I already knew that the switch to the Digital Projection Format would be an issue for smaller theaters but I'm pretty sure that All the small theaters in the St. Louis area have been able to make the expensive switch.  Apparently there are other Drive In Theaters in need.  Let's do what WE can to save the Drive In experience for the coming generations!

I first remember going to the drive in as a youngster all of about 10 years old in Cape Girardeau Mo. 

My older sister and her boyfriend HAD to take me and my friends along...why I'll never know ;).  I

couldn't for the life of me tell you any of the movies we watched.  It was Summer and we were out of

the house and away from parents, that was what was important.  Still is, sorta.  Even now, we don't

really care so much about what's showing at The Skyview in Belleville Il., if it's good - Bonus!, we

just love being there.  Tell me your stories about going to the Drive In, either as a kid or now as an

adult!  And GO!


  1. I have memories of going to the drive-in with my parents in the 50s when that's all the entertainment they could afford for the family. My brother and I would play at the playground before the movie started, sprayed head to foot with Off. As newlyweds/college students in the 60s, the drive-in was all we could afford too. Luckily, there was one nearby, and we went whenever we could. All the old drive-ins in Fort Worth have been gone for years, but a huge modern drive-in was just built here. We all went the other night and had a ball.

    1. Hi Dana.

      Doesn't that video just warm your heart?! And to hear that a NEW Drive In has been built in the DFW...that is patently amazing. I count us in the StL area to be very lucky to have such an amazing Drive in that is still ridiculously cheap ($10 per person) and can manage to still show 4 first run block buster type movies! We just saw Turbo and The Wolverine a couple of weeks ago! This weekend we are going to go see Planes and watch The Wolverine again. Any chance you could shoot some pics and do a posting on your next visit to the new Drive In?