Saturday, August 24, 2013

Mr. Modtomic Is Blogcasting From The 2nd City This Evening After A Lovely Day At The Randolph Street Market Flea. I'm Doing So From The Cell Phone So I'm Gonna Keep This Brief, But Trust...It Was Worth The Five Hour Drive At 5 AM! Status: Explored!


After watching an episode of Market Warriors on PBS that featured the Randolph Street Market in Chicago I got in my head that I just HAD to get up there and see this flea for myself. Good thing this is a monthly flea market. It didn't take long for the next one to roll around...and consequently here we are!

Yeah, "Be A Good Loser"...story of my life!  Somehow I think being a loser back then was a

slightly different thing. I drove ALL THE WAY To Chicago for this Randolph Street Market

this EARLY, early morning and didn't even BUY least not for myself.  That

sounds kinda like a loser move!   I did buy a kick ass large format camera for a friend, and

don't fret...I AM bringing something good home, just not from here. Craigslist was good to a

Mr. here in Chi-Town...and we'll just leave it at that for the moment.


I snapped over a hundred photos today at this flea so there was NO WAY I was going to be

able to show you all of them today. Think of this as a little preview of what's to come over

the next week or so. There was just SO MUCH wonderful stuff...and if I can't bring it home

for real, lots of pics is the next best thing! Needless to say, I was DUELY impressed with the

offerings we found to be on hand, and keep in mind that we did not get here early enough to

see what those who paid extra to get in early snatched up.


This was as much for curiosity sake as for research. I wanted to see if I might be able to

offer goods at the level of the other vendors here at Randolph Street at some point. I'm not

planning to jump right in to the deep end here but who knows...crazier things have

happened! Maybe next year...maybe in a couple months, who knows! I think I could fill a

booth with quality goods that I might not have to pack back up at the end of the weekend.


One thing is for sure, if I do ever decide to take that leap, I will easily be in good company

AND have some stiff competition. These folks brought out some cool stuff. It's probably

a good thing we brought the smaller Fiesta cuz really, do I NEED another amazing sofa (the

answer is yes...always yes!). Maybe next time!


  1. That looks like an amazing market. I might have to make the trip all the way up there just to see that collection of Citizenship Guides.

    1. Hi MfMC

      Now I feel bad. There was a whole big wall of those posters and I know you'd have loved them all. Sorry, wasn't thinkin'.