Tuesday, August 27, 2013

About A Year Ago I Made A Run To Chicago To Deliver A Pair Of Brasilia End Tables. I Stopped About Halfway Up At An Antique Mall And Found A Caprani Floor Lamp There But Couldn't Bring It Home. Status Chicago C-list Find.


Patience pays off again! You may remember a huge score I made last year in finding that Hanging Totem by Malcom Lealand / Architectural Pottery for a song at the Bronze Giraffe antique mall in Normal Il. In that same booth were a number of other really cool items including a Caprani bentwood floor lamp. I didn't have the funds to scoop it AND the Hanging Totem up so I had to leave the lamp behind.


About 5 months ago I had to make another trip up there to the same mall and the same

lamp was still available. I made an offer but the vendor wasn't having it so once again, I had

to leave it behind. It was kinda starting to get on my nerves! But I stuck to my guns and

bided my time. Just before our little weekend getaway to Chicago last Saturday morning I

put my scavenging skills to work on the Chicago craigslist and turned up this Caprani floor

lamp for about a seventh the asking of the unit I passed on at the antique mall!


I shot the seller a quick email offering double his asking / OBO asking if he could simply

hold onto the lamp for me until about 3pm. The seller told me that he had gotten SEVERAL

offers but that mine sounded genuine and I sounded serious. He was REAL concerned that I

show up and we texted back and forth many times over the course of the afternoon. I guess

he'd had a few craigsfails with no-shows before and he really just wanted to be rid of the

lamp. I'm sure my score disappointed a few Chicago dealers but they'll be fine. There's

plenty to be had in the Windy City!


These three photos show (a) how the shade looked when I bought it, (b) what it looked like

after knocking some of the dust off with a tooth brush and running some luke warm water

over it and then (c) after using some liquid clothes detergent, a tooth brush and luke warm

water. The Caprani lamp shade can be cleaned with water since it's a plastic film covered

with fabric. I didn't spend much time on it but you can clearly see that the last photo is

MUCH prettier than the first! I'll have to spend a bit more energy on this before it will be

ready for a new home but if you're interested, shoot me a note to the email address in the

upper right of the page.


  1. I have this lamp, purchased in the early 90s for $250 if I am not mistaken. Lucky me, I had won a drawing at the furniture store, so it was probably about $50 out of pocket. Sadly, it is currently in the attic awaiting a repair to the electrical parts. Great lamp!

    1. Hi Laurie.

      Get that beauty out of the attic and get her fixed!

  2. Ah, beautiful. Just scored this lamp today! I talked the seller into 'throwing it in' with all the other stuff I purchased (moving sale). Mine is teak though.

  3. If anyone knows the value, I picked one up the other day and would like to know something about it. It has the original tag on the wood part,the cast iron crescent, and original black shade.

    1. Hi sandye546

      Just do a quick search on eBay for Caprani Floor Lamp and then click on the Sold Listings for a good idea of value.

  4. I have one of these, but the plastic "socket" that holds the bulb broke, and I have no idea how to replace it. It attaches to the top with a screw, and then disappears into the top of the shade. Does anyone know where I can get a replacement piece, or how to do a reasonably good work around? My husband wants to trash the lamp because it's taking up room! (I'm the modern lover in the family!)

    1. Hi Holwal.

      It can't be mended with a little Super Glue? I've got no idea where to get an original part but if you can take the broken part (or really, the whole lamp!) to a True Value hardware store, they might be able to find the right part for you.

  5. I have one of these and I'm looking to sell it... Anyone Interested?

  6. I bought a beautiful Capriani floor lamp from a fellow who works for a junk hauling company. He sold it to me for $100! The shade needs some cleaning so I appreciate your suggestions.

  7. I have this lamp but lost the shade. Anyone know where I might score just the pleated shade?

  8. I still am looking to sell mine, would like 250.00 for it, is in excellent condition!

    1. Still have it? I’m interested if so!!!