Wednesday, August 21, 2013

If Your Gonna Have A (Vintage Modern) Bar Set Up In Your Living Room It Might Be A Good Idea To Class The Joint Up With a Couple Bottles If Wine. And How's Anybody Gonna See Those Classy Bottles Of Lambrusco If You Don't Got A Spiffy Wine Rack For To Display 'Em? Status: Painful Purchase.


What?  That's right!  I said it!  Lambrusco.  There, I said it again!  Nothin' wrong with a little Riunite on ice...and a ham samwich.   It's like Cool-aid for us Big Kids!  But anyway, I got an early start towards work yesterday so I decided to stop by Treasure Aisle antique mall and kill a half hour.


Having an antique mall booth myself makes it a little tougher to buy from an antique mall

anymore. It's purely psychological I'm sure, but knowing that doesn't make it any easier. So

it was with a teeny bit of trepidation that I picked this up and carried it around with me still

looking in other booths. For could I have resisted? It's a magnificent design in

chrome steel and leather AND it still had it's original tag intact! Like I coulda left it behind.


So why the "Painfull Purchase" status you might ask. Well, I placed this Linearius Wine

Works Cellar Rack on the counter to purchase and the fella behind the register looked away

from his phone just long enough to tear that Original Tag off the piece. "That's Not The. .."

was all I could get out before he had the tag in his mitts and a confused look on his

face...which much to his credit quickly turned to sorrow and shame. He knew right away

how disappointed I was and made amends price wise, but a couple of bucks won't ever put

that tag, which had probably been on this wine rack for 40 or more years, back together.


Just as aside, this is the booth I pulled...neah, RESCUED the wine rack from! This booth has

been this big of a mess since I can remember and I've always wondered how they make

ANY money since you can't hardly get to anything in there. But now, here I am buying

something from them! I guess it was bound to happen. So here's my real question: say that

wine rack was some important mid century piece and worth a lot by itself...but like you see

on Antiques Roadshow, it's value increases exponentially with that tag intact. What liability

would that clerk face in having diminished the piece's value by tearing the tag off? Keep in

mind that I hadn't yet purchased it and that the vendor is selling at an under valued price.



  1. Argh! How terrible! I would've put it back just to spite him.


    1. Hi Wendy.

      Oh No...No No No! I wanted the wine rack, tag or not!

  2. I don't understand how a antique mall could let someone keep up a space that looks like that!

    1. Hi Hannah.

      I guess they keep that rent paid...don't know how but I guess they do.

  3. Wowza! I love that wine rack!!!
    Bummer about the tag ripping.
    That same thing has happened to me before but with a deadstock rayon shirt!
    I used to work in an antique mall and that is an easy mistake to make but its my opinion that definitely, the employee should NOT be on the phone and should give the customer full attention.
    As far as that space goes...what a mess!
    I am always thinking that a mouse is gonna jump out on me- scary!

  4. Oh, how painful! At least he felt bad about it, right? Meanwhile, that booth is atrocious, but those are usually the places where you find the best bargain, since they don't know what they have.

    1. Hi Heather.

      Ya know...I like a booth that I can explore for the hidden gems but this one is so bad that I hardly even give it a second glance anymore. If you look closely you can see the wine rack on the top of the pile (just to the left of center) in the photo. That's the ONLY reason I found it!