Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Today I Had To Make My Monthly Ritual Sacrifice To The Might Green Shag. Yeah, Rent Was Due. While I Was There I Decided To See How The New Phone's Camera Would Fare Indoors. Status: Not Too Shabby!


Like some sort of Super Magnet these two pieces of Franciscan Starburst drew me RIGHT to them. It's not like I need a Starburst teapot and's just that...I really do NEED that Starburst teapot and platter!


Walking into The Green Shag Market with a handful of cash to pay rent on my booth space can

sometimes be an exercise in self control. Stupid me, I plowed through the vendors shooting pics

BEFORE paying rent! Bad bad idea. Alas, I managed to keep myself under control...for now, but I

may go back tomorrow for that Franciscan! It's not often that you'll get a chance to handle pieces like

that before you buy them, which is a big advantage you enjoy shopping at an antique mall versus say,

a big online auction monolith!


And MAN was there plenty of new goodies to be had! You know, The Green Shag might not be the

largest antique mall in the area but the vendors keep things fresh and stock turnover seems to be

brisk. I had no trouble at all finding new items to shoot for the blog even though it wasn't that long

ago when last I ran through with a camera.


Yes, that's right, often is the case that I end up giving myself all of 15 minutes to drop off some

smalls, probably have to tag them, pay my rent and quickly whip through the booths and shoot some

pics for my loyal readership. Such was the case today...and really, most days. But hey, if you see

something you like, don't hesitate to give The Shag a call, even if you're out of town / state. Maybe

the vendor will ship...or maybe the Shag will! Who knows? Can't hurt to ask.


If you ARE in (or near, we ain't keeping count) the StL, you should try and get down to the Shag this

weekend. I saw a number of vendors putting new stuff in their booths while I was there. I'm sure

there will be others doing much the same over the rest of the week...heck, I'm even planning on

dropping by again with new stuff before Saturday! I've had a number of large items find new homes

lately and while I have been trying to keep up, one of the things I'm lacking at the moment is shelf

space for smalls, so I might be in this weekend as well putting in a remedy for that.


So if you're there this weekend and you happen to see a guy workin' hard in booth #5 over along the

north wall, ask if he's Mr. Modtomic! It might be me...but could just as easily be Dan (one of the

proprietors) as he is often found lugging some heavy object out of my booth for a customer. If it is

Dan give that fella a hearty round of applause. He is a hard workin' guy and takes REAL good care of

the vendors as well as the customers!



  1. It really sounds like you've found yourself a great place for your booth. Wish I could find something like that around here!

  2. Oh me too. And you really do NEED that Starburst teapot and platter!