Saturday, August 31, 2013

Feminine Aspects of Modern Design

Hello again, I'm Hannah from the blog Secondhand. Last week I did a post on Feminine aspects of modern design, and I'm going to continue in that direction.

I recently found this beautiful sliver plated candle holder at a local thrift store, tarnished and over looked. When I flipped it over I found a "Made in Denmark" stamp on the underside.

Before polishing

I fell in love with the curvature of the piece and even thought it is modern in design, I felt it leaned towards the feminine side of things.

After polishing

I am a believer in "patina" being as though I live in a house with two small boys, and nothing is sacred, but I decided with this piece to go ahead and polish it. I knew that it would show much better in it's shiny form.

I was unable to photograph the stamp on the bottom, but it does retain a small crown and a "P" stamp.
If anyone recognizes this piece, I would love to know the maker.

I think this piece does a great job of combining dainty features, feminine lines and the forward thinking of modern design.

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  1. Those are beautiful! To the best of my knowledge, which I admit is slim on this topic, the P is for "plet," which is Danish for "silverplated." I don't know about the crown.