Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Only Thing Mr. Modtomic Brought Home From The Randolph Street Market Was A Camera For A Friend...Although The Girlfriend Cleaned Up On Salt And Pepper Shakers / Vintage Costume Jewelry. All I Got Was A Bunch Of Photos! Status: A BUNCH Of Photos!


This Mamiya medium (edit - thanks Bopfish!) format camera has been on a friends wish list for a Long Time.  I've been looking for one for her for a Long Time.  Finally, I found one at the Randolph Street Market during our recent visit. I'm just hoping that the thorough once over we gave it means it'll be a working unit...otherwise it's just a cool display piece!  Look inside for about 50 more pics from the RSM flea!


No matter what you might be looking for you're sure to find something you just can't live without

here.  I did!  OK, I wasn't looking for something specifically for myself...but I found something I

wasn't gonna leave behind none the less!  The eclectic mass of offerings ensure that no one is going

to walk out of this flea unhappy!


I would have liked to stick around until late in the evening to see what was actually moving but I had

to drive about an hour (less than 30 miles!) north of here to pick up the Caprani lamp I featured

yesterday.  We managed to stick around until 2pm and I did see a number of "sold" tags on items and

see some large items getting carted out.  Looks like things move here.


I'd love to set up here as I think I'd likely shift lots of stock but, ::sigh:: this is not a cheap flea to set

up at and then there's that 5 hour drive.  I'd have to leave directly after work and start setting up as

soon as I arrived.  I wouldn't get to rest until the end of the day either.  Doesn't look good does it?  I

think maybe I should consider local alternatives.


I checked the website and it looks like it's $325 for two days in the main lot for a 20ft X 10ft space.

That's plenty of room for two people to split too.  It's not really the money.  Maybe next year I'll plan

some Friday vacation days around this flea so as that I can get up there early enough to set up and get

a night's sleep before the crazy day begins!


So have you seen anything you wish you'd have gone to get yet?  So much good stuff.  I can't hardly

believe that there was enough good stuff so that I was able to take so many photos.  On a really good

day I might shoot 20 photos at the Wentzville flea or the Belleville flea and I might have shot this

many pics at the Canton flea, but it's maybe 20 times as large as this!


And did I mention how beautiful the weather was?!  I did?  It bears mentioning again me thinks...

especially since the fine weather we here in St. Louis Mo. have been enjoying has gone so so far

away!  Man, it's hot out here now!   The entire weekend we spent in Chicago was wonderful.  We had

an absolutely stunning dinner with the Girlfriend's Uncle at a localvore / foody restaurant called

Brown Trout.  The Girlfriend had the Lake Trout and the Uncle and I both had the Walleye.  As per

usual, the Girlfriend's choice was better but it was ALL very good!


So...have I pimped the Randolph Street Market enough for ya yet?  Guess what.  I haven't even

shown ya the pics from INSIDE!  Yes, there is a whole another area that is air conditioned and has

indoor plumbing!  Woohoo!  Go check it all out for yourself sometime.


  1. One day I found two of those Mamiya 645 cameras (It's a medium format camera not a large format); one was $4.00 and the other was $35.00. I sold them on eBay for about $200 each.

    I'm considering doing one or more of these Randolph St Markets. The price of $325 for two days with that kind of square footage is really darn good for an elite, hip, city flea.

  2. My daughter bought a Mamiya years ago when she worked in the photo studio at the Pier 1 Imports corporate office and was a photography major. Unbelievable prices for the ones you found, Bopfish! She paid a pretty penny for hers.