Thursday, August 22, 2013

Ain't This Vintage Thonet Bentwood Stool Just The Kind Of Thing You Hope To Find At The Flea Market? Well Count Mr. Modtomic Lucky 'Cuz That's Exactly What Happened! Status: Needs Scrubbing.


I hit the Belleville flea super early Saturday morning and found that getting there THAT early was kinda pointless. It did give me the opportunity to make two runs through everything though. I spotted this Thonet stool on that first run but having a limited budget meant that it was put on the maybe list.


After making my way through the entire market I started back at the beginning with a fine

tooth comb, hoping to find some smaller overlooked treasures or maybe a larger item that

a vendor just hadn't set up yet. This actually worked fine but it meant that a couple pieces

of art that I had my eye on got snatched while I was elsewhere. Such is the price you pay

for taking the chance. Still, along with this stool and a few other choice items, I found more

than I was able to bring home.


After the disappointment of finding the artwork gone (I didn't even get a chance to p

photograph it!) I was pretty happy that this little vintage stool was still available. Of course

there's always plan B and if this hadn't been available I would have just picked up the

Panasonic radio I spotted later. Gotta keep them options open!


I love that even though this little Thonet stool is worn, it doesn't suffer because of it. There's

no damage to speak of and this, to my eye, could be dropped right into a home furnished in

Restoration Hardware style...or it could easily be taken apart, refinished and upholstered in

real leather...or better yet, Hair On Hide...and make a great foot stool for a "Man Chair"!

Whatever direction it takes from here I'm sure the next owner will love having it as much as

I did finding it!


  1. Thonet? More like an Aalto with a cushion.

    1. Hi Anony.

      I think the Aalto piece has straight legs as apposed to this one having slightly tapered legs. Then there's that Thonet stamp on the bottom...